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New Watch!

I forgot to mention that ONE of our (many) errands today was getting me a new watch! Unfortunately, my Casio gave up the ghost this past week, which is TOTALLY unacceptable any time of year, but especially during the festival when I need to really keep track of time.

I've been wearing Casios for decades now (seriously), so it took Marilyn mistressmarilyn asking me about the Timex watches to get me to consider buying one.

Here's a photo of what it looks like (you can click it to see the larger version):

Timex Expedition Indiglo

The watch is the Timex Expedition Indiglo. (By the way, we got it at Walmart, so the price was only $30 -- not the listed $45!)

The band is waterproof (a mix of leather and nylon), which is a good thing as I'm terribly hard on watch bands. The whole thing is very rugged, good for someone who wears her watch to do EVERYTHING (seriously).

You can't tell that well from the photo, but the band is brown and black -- very cool. And the face doesn't show that well in photos, either. It has a green glow all the time, and then when you need to make the face light up, you push a button and it glows blue. Plus the numbers are BIG (thankfully), making them easier to read. (All this computer work with coding and so on has made me so blind...)

So far I'm in LOVE with this watch. We'll see how well it does for work before I give my final review. (I've only been wearing it a few hours, after all.)

Yeah, it's very big and masculine, but I've worn masculine watches forever, so it's perfect for me. Some women might not like it, but as I say...

Time to go help (a little, anyway) with the bills!

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