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Busy Day of Errands!

This has been a busy day, running around doing errands we needed to get done (and never get a chance to do). We went shopping at more than one store and so on. (And we tanned! The first time in ages. We'd wanted to before this, but could never seem to work it in.)

But when we finally got home, we did lie down for a nap. I was more tired than hungry, so even though I hadn't had anything to eat, I just gobbled some chips and pretzels, then went to sleep.

When I got, Marilyn mistressmarilyn told me she had something to show me. She went to the DVR where she'd taped two of our local news stations last night, knowing they'd cover everything from last night. At one point they directed people to go to their website. They used a visual effect on the screen showing a cursor that clicked the festival link at their website -- and then a visual that showed OUR website (the Home page). She played it for me several times -- it's so very cool! And, yeah, it looked GREAT on TV!

Right now the 2009 banner is there, plus a brand new slideshow I put up last week. (Okay, it went up last Tuesday -- but it seems like weeks ago, I must admit.) There are several other 'flashy' things there, so it looks pretty damn fine. Always classy, though, in spite of some attention-getting elements. As the banner is always my personal artwork, it's pretty special to see it featured places, like on TV!

For the record, during the festival TIME gets weird. It stretches like taffy. You go to tell someone about an incident as if it took place days or weeks ago, and it actually happened that morning, or the day before. I'm seriously NOT kidding. Marilyn and I were talking about this again recently, and everybody on Staff tends to mention it at least once.

You'd think we'd get used to it after so many years of doing this, but you never do...

I have a headache, which is annoying. Probably eye strain, which I can't avoid with all the hours upon hours of coding and graphics work I do. But still! Maybe if I ate something real it would go away. Okay! I just got an apple (very crisp) and am eating it.

Marilyn is working on the bills, so I should stop and go help her do them. (Such a pain -- especially during festival, when we're focused on so many other things.)

I'm back to thinking about my website on TV. It feels pretty cool to have it up on the screen like that! I don't know how many homes it reaches (I'm guessing all of Oregon and Southwest Washington, at the very least), but the Portland metropolitan area alone exceeds 2 million people. Not that they would all be watching that one station, of course. Still, just think of it! I'm not getting over this any time quick.

My ego won't be too inflated by this, I promise. But, wow, it's big fun. (grin)

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