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Festival Time!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I survived DAY ONE of the festival (barely).

I did manage to twist my ankle at some point (it was DARK there -- Peter was supposed to hang lights and didn't) -- and Marilyn was carrying her shoes part of the time. When she got home her feet and legs were killing her, she was in so much pain. It's a ton of walking and standing.

The lighting of the rose was AWESOME, I have to say! The concert was good, the court did a good job, all the speech givers were brief (and said good things), our queen did her usual great job (I love her) and the fireworks (what we saw as we headed out of there) were lovely.

Earlier, the media-staged Opening went really well (featuring clowns, Rosarians and court). Then we rode one ride with the queen and her family (mom, dad and two sisters -- all were wonderful), took some photos from the 'Big Wheel' and finally headed home to change for later.

It was a super busy and long day (we had our traditional Taco Bell when we got home), but the crowds seemed big to me and the weather was WONDERFUL, so I think we're off to a good start! Hope so! (smile)

We have a TON to do today (manicures, tanning, shopping), so I need to go get dressed. We're planning (at this point) to take today off for all our errands (etc.), and then work tomorrow. Sounds like a plan!

I have to get a new watch (mine died last week) and a new battery for my phone (essential!!!). We were both having phone issues yesterday, which is a big NO this time of year.

One of my busiest months of the year -- and I haven't missed a day of blogging. I'm proud of me. (grin)

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