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I Hate My Job.

Today I hate my job.

Maybe not every day, but yeah, I hate it today.

I was so ready to ditch the whole damn thing a few minutes ago.

I'm sure I'll get over it -- I'm a big girl. But right now I'm shaking so hard (and so on the verge of crying). I don't think I've ever felt this kind of shaking. Wow.

You know, I know a lot about what I do when it comes to websites (much of it goes beyond the actual coding). But apparently the 'design community' (whoever they are!) feels differently.

Well, one of these people subcontracts for the festival and brought it up in a meeting this morning. And you know what? If he wants to do this work for the festival, he can damn well go for it.

Tags: 2009, anger, busy, crying, disappointment, ebulletin, enewsletter, festival, festival-website, may-2009, work

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