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Work for Tuesday? I Got a LOT Done!

I actually got a lot done today, even if I do still have tons more to do...

But in spite of running to the festival office for IT-related work, I got another news item up at the website (four pages of code), did an eBulletin, started the eNewsletter (including finishing up the banner I'd started yesterday), did a Flash slideshow for the Home page, finished up the Pledge pages and did a bunch of other website tweaks. And I talked to several people about other festival-related matters.

So it was a busy and rewarding day.

Marilyn brought home food so I didn't need to cook (woo hoo), even though I had planned to.

It's been raining (yesterday and today), but the forecast for the weekend is great! As is the long-range for next week and next weekend! (fingers crossed) Any and ALL good thoughts (and prayers) for us to have really good weather for the run of the festival are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, by the way!

On the bad news side, my cell phone seems to be acting up. I think the battery is going out, but it's no surprise considering I was supposed to replace it last September (!!!). I hope we find time to get a new battery, just in case -- because I'll have a bad time without a cell phone during the festival if it does go out!

It's around 10:30 p.m. and I was lying down napping. But I thought I heard someone at the front door (???), so I got up to check. That was a good thing, as I'd forgotten to blog today. I'd hate to screw up 19 days into the month! I have less than two weeks to go to finish NaPloBoMo for May...

Anyway, I'm worn out and going for a nap. Tomorrow will be a HUGE and LONG day, so I need all the rest I can get.

Oh! It was great working with Ron again today -- and I got to meet his five-year-old daughter, too. And I talked a couple of times with Donn, who is really helping me out. So the IT worries may be winding up (at least for now). That's a very good thing!

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