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Marilyn mistressmarilyn went to Sisters, Oregon (with Rich, Jeff, Sue B. and Robert, our current festival President) for the Grand Marshal announcement. Sister Sue suzy_qp saw it on the news this evening, but I missed it (!!!). It's around a three-hour drive from Portland one way, so they spent a lot of time going there and coming back. It was also hot in Sisters, so Marilyn came home sunburned and exhausted. (After first going back to the office to work for hours, of course.) She left the house just past 7:00 a.m. and didn't come home until around 7:30 p.m. -- so she had a big, big day.

Me? I flew into clothes and quickly brushed my hair as she was leaving -- and Ron picked me up minutes later. We went into the office to work on Mandy's computer, continuing the IT saga from this weekend!

I need to revisit my hatred of Microsoft here, by the way. Before leaving the house, I had to phone Marilyn's VISA company to confirm all the purchases we had to make on her card for the festival. One was the computer. And four (???) were failed attempts to buy the Vista upgrade. Say what?

This time we were taking no chances, so I did the purchase over the phone (waiting 15 minutes to reach a person -- !!!) so I could avoid the faulty auto buying engine. A couple of interesting things were discovered. One, you can't upgrade from Home to Business and do a Domain, even though it says you can at the Microsoft website (liars). You have to get Ultimate, instead. Two, you can't do a download of the upgrade from the website, even though it says you can (liars) -- you have to order a CD and have it mailed to you. Why the heck would they tell you it's possible to download when it's not? This is apparently the REAL REASON our purchase failed on Sunday, by the way. The woman I spoke to said, "The products are new, so we only have CDs, instead of downloads." Vista is new? That's news to me!

So once again we were unable to finish Mandy's computer -- and I'll have to go in tomorrow, as well. That will make three days in a row that I didn't plan to spend at the office, for those counting!

Anyway, Ron messed with other IT projects (including fixing Natalie's computer -- yes, again -- it was simply a cable that was unplugged), while I formatted the external hard drive for the Waterfront on site people. Then I transferred the files/folders they needed and emailed the Staff to tell them these were FROZEN in the office until after festival. The working files will be those going on site, which we'll write back to the Server drive when everything is done in June. By the way, it takes FOREVER to format a 260 GB external drive. (sigh)

I'd planned to skip my hair appointment today, but as it rolled around (10:00 a.m.) while the format was going on, I ran over there. Get this: Dorine is surprised to see me, as the appointment was actually for Wednesday! But she likes me so much that she cut my hair anyway. Lovely woman! (And it took only a little over half an hour of my time.)

After I finished up the external, Ron and I finally took off so I could come home to work. He dropped me off then had to go get one of his daughters from school (head lice scare -- he says it goes on all the time).

Ron then had to go to Waterfront on site to find out why their internet was down yet again. The result was disturbing. Over the weekend someone got on the computers and changed a bunch of settings. Not Laura or Peter, thankfully. Ron had to use a password cracking program to get back in and re-set things, anyway. The good news is that the computers have the connection back now -- plus they can all 'see' the files/folders on the external drive. So they should be good to go!

As I say all the time, I don't know what I'd do without Ron. It's more than what he knows about computers, because granted there are things I know better than he does. But he's so willing to help -- and to spend hour after hour doing so. He's entirely ethical and moral and has the same passion for volunteering that I have. He cares about what happens to the festival! He cares about other people. While out today, we saw a guy with a stalled car, and Ron was quick to jump the man's vehicle. That's who he is: he won't let someone sit stranded because no one cares.

As for my own work at home, I got quite a few web pages done. And I created the banner for the eNewsletter that goes out on Thursday.

I need to get the eBulletin out Tuesday -- and change the Home page.

Things are popping as we get ready to open this Friday!

On that note, I need to see if Marilyn wants to work more tonight, or just head to bed so we can get an early start tomorrow...

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