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I Hate Microsoft -- Vista Home Sucks

Yeah, I hate Microsoft. Big surprise. And the line is so long that it's almost not worth mentioning...

So Ron buys the computer for Mandy at Best Buy (near where both he and my sister Sue suzy_qp live).He got the eMachines Desktop AMD Athlon X2, with 3GB DDR2 memory and a 320GB hard drive. Unfortunately the OS is Windows Vista Home Premium. I'd hoped we could still get Windows XP, or maybe Windows 7, but no go.

Here's the rub: Vista Home doesn't allow you to set up a computer to a Domain. That means we couldn't set it up to the Server network. Great.

So we have to upgrade, which we did via online. So we're waiting for the email to come through with the info. Nothing. Ron phones and finds out we were 'randomly selected' for some kind of security check on the purchase. Meaning nothing until Monday morning! Ron was furious. Me, too. What gives with that?

Well, I guess it was expecting too much to get her set up on Sunday. Whatever. We'll put her on another computer until we can resolve it...

In other bad news, we tried to use Marilyn's mistressmarilyn new festival credit card to make the computer purchase and couldn't. The same thing with Carol's card. They must have super low limits, as the total cost was under $500! I was calling them 'toy VISAs.' (sigh) A credit card with a limit under $500 is worthless to us, frankly. I don't know what Jeff was thinking when he set these up (???), but it means I can't put anything like our CoolerEmail charges on one of these. That pretty much sucks.

Marilyn worked 9 hours straight today without a break. I put in quite a few hours, too -- most of them worthless IT hours that didn't get any of my deadline workload checked off. Tomorrow I need to really work hard without any breaks, if possible. I'm going to cancel my haircut, which means I won't get one until after the festival, I suppose... (Talk about sucking.)

Marilyn goes to Sisters, Oregon tomorrow for the announcement of our Grand Marshal. It's around a three-hour drive, so they're leaving at 7:30 a.m., I guess. (yikes) Jeff, Robert, Sue, Marilyn and Rich are all going.

I have to decide if I'm going into the office tomorrow to set up Mandy's computer or not. Ron's never done it, so I should do it (as I tried to today). What a pain. I really need to be working at home tomorrow.

I need to get out an eBulletin and start on an eNewsletter that's due Thursday. I need to get the Home page ready -- it's essential! I need to create a Flash slideshow (for the Home page). I need to find images for that slideshow. I need to finish up some IMPORTANT website changes.

And somewhere along the way I need to write the parade script that I haven't even started.

I also need to phone the V.I.P.s and get info -- plus call two essential people about parade-related things.

I'll think about it tomorrow.

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