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IT Woes

I've no clue -- seriously -- what I'd do without Ron!

Talk about saving MY ass.

Mandy's computer is toast. There's a small chance we can bring the equipment back up again, but it would mean some turn-around time that we simply don't have when we're less than a week out from the festival.

So Ron is now on his way to buy a new computer for her. And to buy an external Iomega for the Waterfront crew while he's at it. (Which may mean two different stores, I'm sorry to say.) That happily leaves me here at home to work on my stuff, while he takes care of the purchase.

This guy needs some $$$ from the festival, no doubt about it.

Once he has the computer, it still needs to be set up. I should probably be doing that...

Okay, then! I am doing it. I just decided he needed to at least observe once, so I'm having him pick me up on his way to the office and I'll do this. (Marilyn mistressmarilyn agreed that I should do it, so that settles it.)

It wasn't my plan to be back in the office today, considering we were there until past 2:00 a.m. last night. (I think we were in bed around 3:30-ish.) But once I've done the setup, I can get in on what I've been doing here at home.

Actually, I need to hunt some photos from the photo albums there, too, so this is a good thing, really. I'm putting together a slide show for the Home page, but I need more photos to do it!

I'm dressed and my hair is combed, but I have no makeup on. I'm sure I'm not looking my best, but oh well! Hopefully the purchase won't take all that long, so we can haul ass and get this over with.

This has been the worst IT year ever, I have to say. I can't believe all the equipment problems we've had! But we're doing the very best we can. Equipment gets old, after all.

Gotta run! I'm just happy I've managed to go half the month and still blog, no matter what. It tells me that most people could do this, if they wanted to -- because I dare anyone to tell me I'm not busy as hell off line! (smile)

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