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IT Nightmares? Yes.

This is the YEAR of IT Nightmares for the festival. I just can't believe how many ISSUES we've had!

Yesterday was another B.A.D. bad day (sigh) -- and I felt awful for Ron.

So today we find that we still don't have internet (much less a tunnel to the office server) for the Waterfront Village crew (who have 'taken the park' as they say -- meaning they're on site now at Waterfront Park in downtown Portland). As it turns out (my latest of many IT updates today), this may be a Qwest issue, rather than a router or settings issue (which is where we were yesterday and earlier today). EasyStreet (our website host) was able to ping us at one point, but we (meaning Ron) weren't able to send anything out.

I'm already unhappy with Qwest, who almost didn't show at all for the original setup (they had the wrong day in their records!) -- and who have been so busy trying to sell us service for the future that they can't (won't) focus on the here and now. (grr)

Christie's computer was down almost all day long, so I had her using Angel's. I was using the computer in the corner office, so I could shut the door and work in peace and quiet. Great in theory, but people knew I was there, so again I spent hours on IT rather than the website. (I did get my eNewsletter out, but it took longer than expected for interruptions.)

Breaking in on my own spiel, Marilyn mistressmarilyn just phoned to tell me she'd just activated her first-ever festival credit card! It's hard to believe that in all these years she's never had one of her own, but now she finally does. That's good news for me, too, because now when I have an expense for the website or IT that requires a credit card (rather than a check or cash), she can let me use her card! (woo hoo) I need to make sure the service that provides our eNewsletters/eBulletins gets the info, as we're way over our quota for this year already...

We're talking various options to get the Waterfront crew up and running, which include having them local networked and using one external hard drive with all their folders/files for both 2008 and 2009 -- then remoting for their email. I also want them to have jump drives to carry stuff back and forth between their on site location and the office, when necessary. So I was working out petty cash (not-so-petty) for Ron to purchase the external and jumps with Madhu.

Then this afternoon I hear from Mandy that her computer has been shutting down constantly all day long. So now we may need parts for that, as well -- so it has to be added into the petty cash request.

Of course, costs for internal computer supplies come out of my IT budget, while costs for Waterfront Village come out of their budget -- so we need to keep them very separate. (I'm sure as hell NOT paying for any WFV stuff out of my tiny budget!)

You know, I started this entry right around 3:00 p.m. -- and it's now 4:30! I've had so many phone calls and emails that I haven't been able to finish writing this.

I just talked to Ron (again). What a brutal week this has been for him! And he's still working -- and planning to work (on Mandy's computer) this weekend. What a great guy. Keep in mind that he's working like a dog and he's a total VOLUNTEER for us. He just rocks.

Anyway, I have to wonder WHY we're having such a rough IT year... It's just something every day, and I'm not kidding.

Meanwhile, as we speak, Marilyn is in her full committee meeting (brutal) for the parade. And I need to get back to website work!

I need to do a major Home page change for Monday, so I need to start thinking it over!

At least the weather has turned sunny -- and is supposed to be really warm this weekend! I hope that remains true for the next several weeks. (fingers crossed)

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