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Firefox Plugins

Here's a list of some of the Firefox Plugins (Addons) I use...

Firefox Plugins LIST

404: File is not found? Now it will be! 1.2.1

Add N Edit Cookies

AVG Safe Search 8.5

Bookmark Duplicate Detector 0.7.5

Clear Cache Button 0.7

ColorZilla 2.0.2

Cookie Watcher 0.9

CustomizeGoogle 0.76

DownloadHelper 4.4

Easy Youtube Video Downloader 1.1

facebookvideo 2.1.7

LogMeIn, Inc. Remote Access Plugin

MeasureIt 0.3.8

Media Converter 1.0.3

Move Media Player

Tab buttons 0.2.8

UnPlug 2.003

Web Developer 1.1.6

WOT 20090325

Maybe at some point I'll include links, because these aren't always that easy to LOCATE when doing a search for them!

I TOTALLY can NOT live without 'Tab buttons' -- it's so cool to be able to hit it in order to open a new tab.

That's not all of them (I apparently have different ones at home than I do on my festival computer), but it's most of them, anyway.

I gave Google Chrome a try (Ron loves it), but it's way too 'bare bones' for my taste! I remain a Firefox fan, though I'm disgusted with the slow load of Firefox 3.

I resisted upgrading for ages, mainly because so many of my plugins weren't supported in the new version. But I finally gave in and upgraded. Now I'm really sorry I did. Firefox has been pushing and pushing that we upgrade from Firefox 2. I wish the new version was as good as the old. Enough said!

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