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Writer's Group Tonight... (And I Hate UPS!)

UPS? Hate 'em right now. Excuse me, but I understand why you can't get a person to talk to -- they're afraid you'll rant at anyone live you find. They were delivering a package here today, but didn't bother to either knock or ring the bell. I know, because I was right here were I'd have heard them if they had! (And I had a SIGN on the door, no less. What gives?)

Tonight is our Writer's Group. I need to go dry my hair and do my notes for tonight. I've been moving furniture (!!!) and cleaning house this morning -- when I wasn't doing website and IT work for the festival, that is. I gave up on getting the eNewsletter out, considering my busy schedule. If I could clone myself, I'd still be behind on the work -- but at least my clone and I could bug each other about it. Poor Marilyn mistressmarilyn! She has far more to do than I, but whines much less -- and has to listen to me all the time. (sigh)

I'm doing almost NONE of the PowerPoint, it appears. I'm willing to help if she needs me, but I need to let her develop her vision and keep out of it. Hopefully I can help, because I hate to see her doing all this extra work...

The Board Meeting is Thursday night -- so there's a lot to get done before then.

On that note, I need to go dry my hair now!

Tags: busy, enewsletter, festival, festival-website, it-manager, it-related, marilyn, ron-computers, work, writing, writing-circle

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