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At the PRFA Office...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are currently at the office. 'Why?' (you might ask)...

Well, we just went to Marilyn's two-week doctor's appointment. (Two weeks after surgery, that is. Although it's actually two weeks since the day she came home from the hospital. Time flies when you're working? LOL.)

When she was getting out of her shower this morning (getting ready to go), the board President called for her. I took her the phone and he wanted to meet with her!

Needless to say (I'd hope!), she couldn't do so then. I think he wanted to come by the house after the appointment...

But she's already got a 'phone meeting' this afternoon that she arranged in order to avoid having the meeting at our house! So she was anxious not to have to have him over...

When her appointment was done she called him from the parking lot. She had thought perhaps we'd swing by his office. But she decided she needed to come by here anyway, so that's where they'll be meeting (soon, I hope)...

The thing about all the work she's had to do every day? She'll at least be able to count them as full and half work days--rather than time off.

I doubt I need to explain the downside! LOL. Even the doctor mentioned that she needed some rest in order to heal! LOL. (He clearly finds her amazingly strong--he kept calling her 'A very strong lady.') But it's not as if she's had a choice, considering...

(Of course, I haven't put a lot of details here about it, as it's something we're not free to discuss due to legalities--!!!--which is a strange thing... Unfortunately--oh, or not--my blog clearly belongs to me. By which I mean it's not hard to reason out who I am in RL. LOL.)

No, I have no access just now to my email. So if you're waiting to hear from me regarding a comment or email, that's why! LOL.

Later. Later. I've got to run.


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