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Horses! And "Star Trek." Makes Sense, Right?

We're off to parade training for the horse units in Canby, Oregon. Marilyn mistressmarilyn should be home to get me soon (I hope!).

I can't believe I don't have even ONE horse icon right now! What's that about? I love horses and always have! (So I have my Jesus clapping icon instead. I'm sure he MUST be a horse person...)

I was throwing up (massively) earlier today, but seem better now. I'm hoarse from burning my throat and mouth with bile (yuck), but other than that I'm none the worse for wear. Yeah, sorry. That was totally TMI, but a fact, even so. I'd had very little to eat, so I've no clue why I got ill... I'd been feeling much better today, so go figure!

I worked (hard) on the latest eNewsletter today -- and finished the banner (nice) and color scheme, plus some graphic elements. But I never got the Copy sent to me to include, so it didn't go (needless to say). I'm guessing it won't get done until Monday at the earliest now. (sigh) And I have another eBulletin to go out next week!

I read all the stories for our Writer's Group today. Now I just need to sit and do my comments before next Monday!

I also did IT, spoke to Ron about IT a couple of times (once at length) and did some website work.

Marilyn fired me today, by the way. But before I could tell everyone, she took it back! Okay, then.

Friend Jessica pb_n_jam went to see the new Star Trek movie last night. She loved it! (She wanted to drag us out to it, but Marilyn was far too busy and I didn't feel up to it.)

Marilyn linked me to a review, and here's a portion of what it said (no spoilers!): Well, as someone who likes some (but not all) of the many "Star Trek" shows, films and incarnations, I will tell you that I can name exactly three and a half things "Star Trek" gets wrong -- and I can name about a thousand that Abrams and his cast and crew get absolutely, pitch-perfect, elegantly right. Whether you know the 43-year-old genealogies and convolutions of "Star Trek" in its many incarnations or are just looking for pure moviemaking excitement, "Star Trek" is the best kind of summer movie: smart, sleek, spectacular excitement. -by James Rocchi, Special to MSN Movies

Wow, that sounds pretty impressive!

I've been a Star Trek since Classic Trek (the original TV show, in other words) -- and even costumed Star Trek in the past. But I have to admit I haven't been that worked up about this movie, one way or another.

However, come the end of this month, wild horses won't keep me from being there to see the opening of "Terminator: Salvation" -- and I mean that! (Even though May 22 is the opening day of the festival!)

Well, I should put on makeup and tidy up, I guess. I've been working at home and not going out much, so it hasn't mattered if I looked 'presentable' or not. (grin) Actually, I did have a bath and got dressed to go out with Sue this morning, so I'm not as bad as I just made that sound! (heh) Don't ask about YESTERDAY, though. (I never got out of my pajamas all day long -- well, until we went to the office late last night, I mean.)

I hope to get a few pictures of horses being 'properly groomed' -- and if I do, maybe I'll share them. I've been to this many times before, but I think I only ever took photos one time. And I can't recall the last year I attended this right now... (2005? 2006?)

It's a long (long) drive, so I hope Marilyn gets home soon -- otherwise we'll be late for sure!

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