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Back to the Office for Marilyn...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has to go back down to the office, so I'm going along with her. But we won't be there very long (I think).

Wow, that Marilyn is impressive! She can go forever without a break and very little sleep. And her work is INTENSE. She's my hero. I mean it.

Even though I did spend some time sleeping today, it wasn't that much. I got the eBulletin out (it turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself) and did a number of website things, including two important pages.

And though I did a detailed document on how to give me stuff for the website, almost nobody follows it. I can't believe how rare it is to get things the way I need them. I guess it's easier for me to make dozens and dozens of corrections before coding. (sigh) Today I lost count at over 50 corrections for one webpage (it was probably double that). Anyway, that page still needs to be checked over for errors, but it is an important page that was finished (for the most part) today. I can do tweaks later (when I find time).

Speaking of tweaks, I need to do quite a few all over the website. I'm working my way through the all-important sponsor changes right now, which I see as a priority.

Hopefully Marilyn and I will get to tweak the parade page this weekend. We also have a PowerPoint presentation to prepare. But I expect that to be fairly easy. It's not like doing a fancy presentation for the Auction, after all! (I see the average PowerPoint as no big deal, regardless of how others might see them...)

I'm vaguely hungry because I only feeling like eating weird things. I did have some chunks of watermelon (tasted great to me) and some potato chips (must need the salt), but I've had little else today. But I've been drinking TONS of water! Bottle after bottle of water (no Crystal Light added). Just typing this makes me want more. (grin)

My photos of D.B. Cooper looked great in the eBulletin (if I do say so myself). He's going to be such a hit with people.

Something's WRONG with my AVG anti-virus application on my computer. (sigh) I hope they get back to me SOON about it! (Marilyn and I have PAID AVG, so I expect it to work. I certainly don't need to get a virus from some email forwarded from work. The festival gets a ton of them, I'm afraid...)

I hope I'm 100% better tomorrow. I've got a TON of work to tackle -- and no time to lie around sleeping!

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