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Still Sick. (Sort Of.)

No, I didn't stay down in bed today -- I had to much to do for that!

But thanks to Marilyn mistressmarilyn (who is so thoughtful!), I did get to sleep in, which was lovely!

I got a start on the eBulletin that will hopefully go out tomorrow. And did some website work, too.

I also picked up in our home office (I need a little more order to get my work done). One of the things I did was 'fix' our clock. We have this clock over one window (near the ceiling) that has a fake neon ring (that glows blue). I love that clock! The face is very plain, with easy-to-read numbers, dits that mark the numbers (and dits between each number) and a red sweeping second hand. Old-fashioned, perhaps, but it tells the time really well -- which is what matters!

Several weeks back it stopped telling time. Yeah, I should have fixed it right away, but it's hard to get to, so I kept putting it off. Anyway, after picking up in the office I decided to do it, and now it's working again. Hurray! For some reason I was convinced it was broken and we'd have to get rid of it. (The face reminds me of the clocks we always had on the wall in our classrooms in school.) The neon ring is cool, though -- and not school-like. Anyway, I wish we had one like it at work.

I napped a couple times today. I feel pretty blah. Not horrible, but not good.

I did get the garbage and recycling done, even though I was shaking and sweating hard when I finished it (!!!). I'm kind of puny.

And I fixed dinner for Marilyn, too, when she finally got home from work around 7:30-ish (going hard on 8:00 p.m.). She had a lunch meeting today, so she never had a single break.

Well, she's sleeping and I'm ready to lie down (again), too.

I'm staying home again tomorrow, but not because of illness! I've got to get that eBulletin out and start on the eNewsletter! (And fit in some website work, if possible.) There were a few IT-related things today (surprise, surprise), and I'm sure there will be more tomorrow. I never seem to get through a day without them!

Our office isn't completely picked up by any means, but it's much better, anyway. It really makes me feel good when I manage to do that -- and it certainly makes it easier to get my work done! I also picked up a bit in the living room and kitchen. (Boy, would I love to have the time to really tackle my bedroom!)

Ron fixed Natalie's computer for her (something I had no time to worry about yesterday, believe me), so I'm happy about that! And he got his jacket for this year (which he said fit him great), so it's all good! That guy is just amazing, no doubt about it!

Well, I'm still trying to keep up my blogging, regardless of the workload. It's not easy by any means, but I'm always glad that I've done it. It's a great way to keep track of what's going on, that's for sure!

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