CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

I Feel Lousy.

I feel lousy. Not horrible, just lousy. And I've been coughing on and off all day long...

Hopefully this will PASS quickly. I have a TON of things today -- and am supposed to be in the office tomorrow.

I've spent the day working on the website -- it's going along really well! I'm starting to feel somewhat caught up -- at least with what I've been give to date. (Some things haven't been given to me yet... sigh...)

I made a nice pot of homemade squash soup (with chicken) for dinner, which should be nice. Unfortunately, we're almost out of saltine crackers (!!!), which is not a good thing.

I hope Marilyn mistressmarilyn doesn't have to stay too late (it's currently 6:00 p.m.).

Tags: 2009, festival-website, food, homemade-soup, marilyn, may-2009, sick, work

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