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NaBloPoMo -- AGAIN! (woo hoo)

I just wanted to mention that even though I've been SWAMPED with work, I've once again managed to blog every single day of this month.

I've done that since October, 2008, only skipping the month of February this year (2009). And you know what? The weird thing about that is that when I go back and look over February, I STARTED tons of entries I never FINISHED and put Live. So there are entries there that don't display, except for me... I should have been able to do this in February, too, in other words. (sigh)

Well, this makes two months in a row for 2009 -- so I hope to keep it going the rest of the year. Now I need to go get my banner and post it!

It hasn't been easy by any means, but it remains important to me to keep on blogging, no matter what.

Tags: 2009, april-2009, blogging, livejournal, nablopomo

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