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Rush, Rush, Rush -- Work, Work, Work

Deadlines are EVERYWHERE for ALL of us at the festival. (whew) So we're racing the clock to get things done.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I just talked and she was busy doing the timed line-up for the parade. (Go, her!)

I've spent almost all day long (!!!) coding one page. Yes. You heard me right. It's so complicated it takes FOREVER to do this page.

I have to work with tons of images (logos and photos of exhibits) -- resizing and cleaning up and so on. I have to do a sponsor page for each new sponsor (which contains the link to their website embedded so that we can count the hits). I have to code the Copy. I have to upload everything to the various spots on the website. Our folder/subfolder system is excellent -- but takes a LOT of time to navigate when you're FTPing. It's not like I can stay on one jump drive (say, my website jump) and in one folder and then FTP. Oh, no. It's much more complicated.

Anyway, I've got a good start on the page in question, so I'm pretty happy about that! I need more input from Christie and Mandy before I can finish up, but I'm closer than I was before.

I've been finishing up adding sponsor logos all over the place, too. I'd love to get as many of these done as I can by the end of the day. Of course, I can only add the ones I have! (smile)

Of course, I've also had IT things to do -- there's no getting away from that! But fortunately my focus has been on the website, so I'm feeling better than I have in a long, long time.


So I just got several more emails regarding work -- and I had to stop and phone Marilyn to tell her my head was about to POP. (sigh)

There's just no getting on top of this stuff, even when I think I am.

Now I have a request for an addition to the Merchandise side of the website. Before Sara was let go, this would have been her job (with help from Paul). Now I guess it's mine (and I haven't had time yet to train Paul how to actually do it). I don't mind the work, it's just that I'm trying to squeeze in another job when I'm already swamped -- which is true for most of us, really.

The request isn't a priority, frankly -- and requires the person making the request (Christie) to take the onus to get me an image and Copy before I proceed. We'll see what happens with that...

I know we'll get it all done, but it's crazier than usual right now.

It's a really pretty day, and I'd hoped to at least go out in the back yard for a few minutes. Marilyn was planning to walk down to Starbucks to enjoy the sunshine. When we talked we both admitted we hadn't found the time -- Marilyn said she decided she didn't have the time. I've been thinking about it, but can't seem to get away from the computer (I wonder why).

She's going to head out soon to come get me -- then we'll work at the office until we get more work DONE, however long it takes.

Until then, BACK TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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