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More IT and Loads of Website

I didn't sleep well last night, for whatever reason. I couldn't even read myself to sleep, which almost always works. I remember watching an odd Christian show that was all anti-Hollywood around 3:00 a.m. that was making me nuts, but still had my attention. (smile)

So when I finally went to sleep, I had a hard time getting up to say good-bye to Marilyn mistressmarilyn -- and then to get to work myself!

I started my morning first thing with an IT phone call from Jeff in Kentucky (he's at the Kentucky Derby Festival there). Marilyn later told me he'd called her on her cell as she was driving to work -- then he called me (obviously) right after that.

I wouldn't have gone back to bed anyway, as I knew Ron would phone me early about Carol's computer. I must have talked to him 10 times today, at least.

I also emailed back and forth with Kent several times, too (mostly about our backup system).

Other than that I only spoke to Mandy and Marilyn at the festival.

Sister Sue suzy_qp drove me to the post office (to mail my insurance papers) and then we went to Freddie's for Starbucks and for me to pick up a couple things we couldn't get shopping last night (including cat food). It was nice to see and visit with Sue.

Around 3:00 p.m. I finally hit the wall and took an hour-long nap. Then I did the garbage and recycling (including cleaning the cat boxes), put seed out for the birds (and squirrels and cleaned out the utility room sink (!!!). Earlier today one of the (damn) squirrels was CHEWING ON the cow-shaped bird house that hangs from the pink dogwood tree. He's got a HUGE hole in one corner of the wood. I often put seed on top of it like a feeder (no bird ever uses it otherwise), so maybe he thought there was seed down inside. Hard to say! I was bummed by the sink, which had soured and was half full of water from the washing machine drain-off. I need to reason that out and spend more time on the sink, but whatever. I'll get to it when I have the time. (Time? When would that be?)

June junebug_w phoned late afternoon and had an aloe vera plant for me (a huge start off her plant that I'd admired), so I dug out a couple of pots and went over. (I also took her a burn of my religious mix on a CD.) The plant is so lovely! I need to take a photo and share it...

While shopping I picked up avocados (happily on sale) and plain yogurt, so I made two containers full of guacamole for dinner. Marilyn and I like to eat these with saltine crackers, and as usual we each made a meal out of our bowl (not needing any leftover spaghetti). I think my homemade guacamole is pretty good, by the way...

Aside from IT stuff, I did get some website work done -- but not nearly enough! I'd hope to finish this one complicated page, and barely got a start on it. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow.

Marilyn suggested that she try and come home on time tomorrow night, and then we have dinner and head back in to get some work done. I like that, as I don't get tons of IT requests when there's nobody around (duh). I'd love to get as much done as I can tomorrow night, as I'd hope to be in really GOOD shape by May 1, which is Friday...

Well, it's time for a MUCH-NEEDED (!!!) nap, so I'll end now.

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