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Microsoft Small Business Server 2003

Yes, this is another 'I Hate Microsoft,' entry. Sorry. But at least I try not to go there too frequently... (grin)

Do any of you have to use the Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 on a regular basis?

If not, lucky you! I have to use it on almost a daily basis, I'm afraid. And here's the thing: It's not to Microsoft's advantage to make things easy for you to do. After all, they have training for certification -- and that training costs loads of $$$. The harder it is to learn, the more likely you are to take THEIR classes to learn it and certification doesn't come cheap...

Anyway, I wrote up three detailed set of instructions today (with images) explaining how to manage the email size limitations in SBS 2003. (I'm good at these types of instructions. Mine can actually help an average person do things. Have you ever tried to follow any of the instructions at Microsoft's website? Don't bother...)

Carol's Outlook 2003 email decided to bounce like crazy today -- and none of us can begin to function at work without our email. I spent two hours on research and the above-mentioned instructions, as well as trying various Serving settings to 'fix' this problem, to no avail.

Ron and I talked for around half an hour about how to proceed. He's going to the office in the morning to see if this could be virus driven. (We have a major issue with viruses at the festival for whatever reason.) I suggested an uninstall/re-install of Outlook, which we're also considering.

Ron has a server with SBS 2003 loaded at home, and he was going to use my instructions (which I sent him) and mess around with it tonight. (He uses it for practice purposes.) I'll be by the phone to help him, if I can. We've got a great partnership going, I have to tell you.

I also emailed Kent about this, as one of his jobs when he was in last was to set Carol's email so her limits were higher. The weird thing? According to the stats I took in 2008 (last year), she had MORE in her email -- but wasn't bouncing. So what's that about? (I agree it sounds like she needs a fresh install, considering that...)

I am getting more and more familiar with SBS 2003, thankfully. But I'd certainly like to have the free time to learn MORE! Carol was very frustrated today, and I don't blame her. And it's my job to keep everyone up and running computer-wise, however untrained I might be. Well, I do my best -- and get what I can from both Ron and Kent. So hopefully we won't have any serious issues from here through the end of the festival (knock on wood).

I may not like Microsoft, yet I use them almost every day of my life. So I guess we'd have to refer to it as a love/hate relationship! (heh)

And if any of you DO use SBS 2003 and need any 'how to' documents, I have a slew of them. In fact, I've created many on Outlook 2003, Excel and Word, too. Rather than look something up and make myself a quick set of notes (I often don't need much for myself), I almost always do detailed notes. Some time I should HTML them all and then link them for others to use...

Well, it's now 10:30 p.m. and we just got back from grocery shopping. It was another long and busy day and we're both beat, so I'm heading for a much-needed nap. I did get my hair colored (finally!!!) and my health insurance paperwork (woo hoo) done today, thankfully, aside from the many IT issues I tackled (several had nothing to do with what I mentioned above).

Hopefully TOMORROW I can focus on the website...

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