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Willamette Writers - Kay Snow Writing Contest

Well, I spent AGES on this today, but I have two stories ready to submit.


You have to send in three copies of each entry, and my poor, old printer isn't having any of it. So I've got one copy of each entry and I need to go somewhere and get copies made. Then I need to find an envelope big enough for manuscripts (can you believe we don't have one around here???) and get these in the mail TODAY (they must be postmarked April 23).

So even though I've written the stories (took two Writer's Group works and changed them for this purpose), I might still not end up entering...

Let's talk about submitting manuscripts, shall we? This is pretty much written in stone, I guess, for all submissions, but because this is a contest there's a small difference.

One inch margins (minimum). Courier font at 12 points. Indented and double-spaced. Em dashes done as double-dashes (with no spaces on either side).

Here's the one that's not all that easy to do in Microsoft Word (I hate Microsoft, just in case you'd forgotten that): The pages must all be numbered and have the title of the work -- EXCEPT for the first page. You'd think that would be easy to do, but if you're not used to using SECTIONS in Word, it can be a real pain.

I finally figured out a fairly simple way to do that today (woo hoo), so I was good to go.

Then there's the form to fill out. Each entry gets an envelope with a 3" x 5" card that tells the author name, address, phone and name of work (and category submitted to). The outside of this envelope has the name of the work and the category.

Unlike most manuscripts, there's no author name on the actual pages of the work. That way judges can't be influenced by who wrote the piece.

It's way more work to get the stories ready to send than to actually WRITE them! (smile)

It didn't help that my computer crashed and the printer acted up and I had other things I needed to do, too.

Yeah, yeah. We should have done this over the weekend. But we took one day off (Sunday), and I refuse to regret it. We need time to re-charge our batteries now and then, believe me. (And last week was brutal.)

I keep getting more (and more and more) website additions and changes, with no time to work on them. I have less than a week to try and get things squared away -- and I've no clue how I'll manage it. (sigh) It's not like the website is my only work, after all. I need to get on creating the new pages, which do take more time. I had someone ask me recently: "Don't you just work from a template?" Right. That template makes it sooooooo easy to do. I. Can't. Go. There.

I didn't have time to have anyone read over my final drafts of the stories I'm submitting to the contest (!!!), so I hope there aren't any mistakes (glaring or otherwise). I do like both stories, anyway. I don't expect to be a finalist, much less win. But it is fun to take part!

The winners are announced at a dinner on August 8, during the annual Willamette Writers Conference (held August 7-9). And, yes, we were already planning to attend the Conference (Marilyn mistressmarilyn, Angel and I).

The rules say this: All entries must be original and unpublished or unproduced. Being posted on a web site is not considered publication, nor is a non-fiction article appearing in an on-line newsletter if there was no payment involved.

In other words, I could share these stories on line and still be able to enter them. I find THAT very interesting! (Not that I'm planning on doing that, but still...)

Well, I'm nervous all my work will be for nothing. Marilyn is at a Press Conference that she had to attend for working (obviously, considering she's in charge of PR for the festival). She'll have to break away after and drive home in traffic, get me, go to make copies (damn it) and then head to the post office. If we do make it, it's going to be very close...

Still, whatever happens, I'm glad I tried.

(By the way, my sister Sue suzy_qp did offer to take me, which I thought was very nice of her!)

I love to write. I'd love to do it more often. I'm not a great writer (like Marilyn), but I think I'm a good writer. (Don't judge me by my blog, please. This is just journaling -- it's not WRITING.)

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