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SEI Drum Corps!

We just got back from SEI where Frank (from the festival Board) was working with the SEI Drum Corps.

(And, yes, Jesus would be applauding -- along with everyone else!)

I took a ton of photos and just love interacting with everyone. It's so uplifting! These kids range widely in ages (so cute to see the really little ones right there with the older youth).

Marilyn mistressmarilyn got to give these kids the good news that their group will be leading off the parade!!! It's a very, very big deal.

And you know what? The half million people viewing on the route are going to eat them up with a spoon!

No matter how hard the job is some days (and it is), THIS sort of thing is why we do what we do. This is the pay-off.

And Ashley and I just kept grinning and saying 'We're in OUR hood now!' -- because North Portland is where we live.

And it's a small world, because we ran into Richard (Leslie's husband) outside as we were taking off, there to pick up one of his daughters! (Richard is the guy who donated all the computer equipment to the festival last year.) I hadn't seen him in ages, so it was great to give him some big hugs. I love that man!

We were teasing him that he must not be seeing much of Leslie now, as she works with the court (which takes TONS of time). I love Leslie, who always (always) calls me 'Miss Charlie.' And she teaches that sort of respect to the members of the court, too.

The court was in the office on Monday, by the way. Marilyn and Rich were giving them their media training during an orientation meeting (and I was working away on computer setups).

The kids from SEI and the members of the court are all GREAT kids. It can't help but give people hope for the future to be around these wonderful young people.

I love the work we do. I really do. And I'm so grateful Marilyn took me along this evening.

It's now officially nap time, as we've got yet another busy day tomorrow. (I should be boning up on Excel, as I have a 10:00 meeting to try and cover a bunch of it with a novice. She's a former teacher, so I know she can get it -- but we don't have much time available to meet, I'm afraid.)

On the artistic side, I made several quick wallpapers and icons today that feature Jesus (the Christian Bale version).

I have to admit that seeing Christian as Jesus struck such a DEEP chord for me. The second I saw his face it was as if I were looking on the face of Jesus Christ.

I've been a Christian since the childhood. I joined our church at ten, the youngest person ever allowed to join the congregation. (I faced a lot of tests and queries prior to that, to prove I really understood the significance.) It's interesting to see someone portray Christ and feel as if God's hand guided the choice...

I'm sure there are plenty of people who have a different view of Jesus, of course. But for me? This is the face I've seen in my heart, I guess. I love looking at my wallpaper. It gives me joy.

Marilyn spoke to me about being a good Christian today on the phone. And she even mentioned to Jeff that I'd prayed at work on Monday (!!!), interestingly enough.

Here's how I feel about religion: If it's making you happy, then there's something right about it. When it's not making you happy, then it's not working. I don't 'witness' or push religion on anyone else -- because I feel it's too personal for that. So what works for others is fine by me. There have been times I've been uncomfortable calling myself a Christian, because I'm not that thrilled with how many Christians behave -- and I don't care to be identified with them. Since college I've called myself in Christian Existentialism. It's controversial (at best), but I guess I'm not an average Christian, by any means. (I've had serious leanings toward Paganism, too, so go figure. But I am part American Indian, so...)

I'll never believe that Christ was anti-gay, no matter what anyone says. I don't buy it. We pour way too much of what WE think into what Jesus thought and taught. I had great theology instructors over the years, and great philosophy teachers, too -- lucky me! But I started to really study theology as a child, because I was never satisfied to just accept what was laid out for me. I had to know MORE.

Anyway, I didn't mean to get off on a tangent! Religion is important to me, but it's never stopped me from having fun or being fun to be around. And there aren't that many people who even know I'm a Christian...

Well, time for that nap now! It's boiling hot upstairs and FREEZING downstairs. I need to work on that balance pronto...

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