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VERY Angry at Myself.

Right now I'm so very ANGRY at myself. I've been sputtering at myself and fuming and can barely stop shaking to type this. I KNEW I needed to go to work today. I knew it. But I didn't get myself up and I didn't go.

So I missed Staff meeting when I should have been there to finish with the 'Password Project' (assigned to me by Jeff). Plus I needed to offer a few important computer-related reminders to everyone.

And I'm being properly punished by missing out on an event I was looking forward to attending -- and will now not get to go this year. Such a disappointment.

There's no one to blame but ME.

You know, that's such a harsh feeling...

I did race to wash my hair and dress, thinking somehow I could find a way to the office in time for the school presentation, but obviously that didn't happen.

I feel like I need to do something here at home as a 'penance' for both my laziness -- for my anger.

The last few days I'm so aware of my spiritual side -- and the need to improve. But this is a WONDERFUL feeling. Truly! I've always loved prayer and the power of prayer. And right now I'm praying more during the day than I have in years...

On that note, I've typed up my religious music mix to share and will do that later. I want to find a way to upload at least some of those songs, too (they're currently on my iPod). I keep adding to it and am now up to 16 songs. (I should say that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I keep adding to it, as it's a mix we're sharing...)

Well, I'm over the anger -- and now I feel quite contrite. (sigh)

Well, back to WORK! I've got a ton to do (as always). I am working in the office tomorrow, anyway. Not sure about the rest of the week, though...

(And I have my hair cut tomorrow, thankfully!)

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