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City Council

I'm watching the Portland City Council on cable TV (and trying to make a DVD -- fingers crossed).

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Jeff are there -- Jeff has just gone up and will be speaking (on a panel -- difficult stuff).

I'm not sure I can manage to convey what a big deal it is to take part in City Council, in a city the size of Portland. (We're number 30 of the largest cities in the nation, just for the record.)

I've let this entry stand open while listening to the lengthy session, which has been interesting. And I'm thinking that there are members of Council who WON'T be getting my VOTE the next time they run for office...

Commissioner Randy Leonard has certainly shown himself as a 'best friend' of the festival today. I'm very impressed. He WILL get my vote in future.

I started my entry at 10:30 a.m. -- and it's now nearing 11:30.

This is suddenly going really bad. Thanks, Commissioner Fish and Commissioner Fritz! They're talking about TABLING this motion.

This is going to mess up a lot of our planning for the 2009 festival (which happens in a little over a month, by the way). Let's hope they can resolve it in a positive fashion next week.

And, hey??? Commissioners??? Support us or don't -- but don't PRETEND you do. (I'm so disgusted by most of the City Council today. Just disgusted.)

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