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Busy Day -- and Vertigo

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is such a treasure. She rubbed my neck and shoulders (and the base of the back of my head) last night when I was in awful pain. And She worried about me enough to drive me home from work mid-day so I could take Meclizine for my current bout of Vertigo.

I've been showing the pain/discomfort I relate to Vertigo for several days, but it was fine until yesterday. By late afternoon it was bad, but I motored through.

Interestingly, I find that alcohol REALLY helps me, so I actually drank two beers during our Writer's Group last night. My personal theory is that it helps to relax me, which means the muscles around the neck (shoulders, head) relax -- and somehow that makes everything better. I was avoiding Meclizine yesterday, because one of the side effects is that it makes most people really sleepy (which means you literally have to lie down and sleep after taking it). In the past it's sometimes kept me down all day after I use it.

I went in (very early) to the office this morning. Marilyn dropped me off and I let myself in. I worked on Tyler's office/computer one last time (he starts tomorrow) and did some other IT-related tasks. I also logged in on my own computer and did some other work. Plus I decided to tidy my work space a little today. I get piles of things related to my work and often my cube gets cluttered, so I thought it could use it!

On a funny note, I was all alone for ages (I was there early, like I said), and I kept hearing FOOTSTEPS! It was a bit creepy. Eventually I figured out that there was a guy up on the roof doing maintenance! (heh)

And I left Rich's stuff on his desk (today was Rich's bday) for him to find when he came in. (He loved his 'card with sound' Marilyn and I gave him that had a travel light that went around and around and landed on various things for him to do, like 'drink a beer' or 'fix something.' Really funny and cute!) We also gave him a Starbucks card.

After taking the meds I did sleep for around an hour and a half. Then I got up and started work on the eNewsletter that needs to go out Thursday of this week. When I first got home I'd tried to work on it, but I just couldn't. But after the meds and rest I got a good start. It should be easy to finish up tomorrow.

I've got (computer) Ron coming in Thursday morning, and Kent coming in the afternoon, so I need to be at the office Thursday. I can send the eNewsletter from there, but it's easier to actually DO it from home -- so I'm glad to be able to be home tomorrow. I can give Tyler his computer instruction on Thursday, too, I'm sure. (I don't think I ever did that last year -- but I don't think he had an office computer, either. He has a laptop he'll bring in -- a Mac -- but to be connected to the server he needs one of our computers. He's set up in what used to be Jessica's office, which I've cleaned up really well prior to him starting. (I needed to clear it out before this, but never found the time...)

I've been re-reading the book "Shaman" (which I first read years ago), which tells the story of Rob J. (Cole) and his son, Robert Jefferson Cole -- who is called Shaman. Shaman is ill as a boy and ends up deaf. He learns to lip read and speak -- then fights prejudices to become a doctor like his father. The time period is just before, during and right after the (American) Civil War. It's a great read... (And, yes, I'm reading around five other novels, a book on writing and some other manuals, as well.)

I'm pleased I only had to take one pill and that I'm quite a bit improved (if not entirely back to normal). Vertigo is a weird thing, I must admit. But I've been pretty lucky not to deal with it all the time, like many of my friends.

There was a batch of suggestions (at suggestions) today, but I don't know if I want to sit here at the computer and respond or not. Normally I always try to comment, if I possibly can...

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