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Writer's Group

I worked on the festival website, went shopping (with sister Sue suzy_qp) and cleaned house -- then we had our monthly Writer's Group meeting this evening.

Jodi visited after Sue and June had departed, which was nice. We don't get to see Jodi all that often now and there was a lot to catch up on.

Dick was in Mexico on vacation (with his wife Liz), Peter has been tied up with personal issues and home and Angel had to work tonight (which is why it was all women tonight).

We had pizza in place of cooking, which was a good deal! I added a condiment tray (carrots, pea pods and black olives) and a nice salad, so it was nice. I think that's the way to go in the future. We ate on paper plates and sent most of the pizza home with others, so there should be little clean-up for me. (woo hoo)

In other news, I ordered an inexpensive used copy of "The Haunting" (the re-make with Liam Neeson and Catherine Zeta-Jones) last Friday, and it came today! Talk about quick! The amusing thing is that I also ordered a used copy of "Mary, Mother of Jesus" (with Christian Bale) -- and I did 'expedited' shipping for that movie. I got word today that it had shipped, so I've no clue how soon I'll actually get it. It took three days to get the movie I didn't add special postage to, and three days for the more expensive movie (postage-wise) to be processed! Weird, isn't it?

I'm interested to see what condition "The Haunting" is in, because if it's good I'd definitely order from that company again! (I found them via Amazon.Com, where I order almost all my online books...)

Well, we've got a VERY early morning tomorrow (Marilyn mistressmarilyn needs to drop me by the office on her way to an early meeting), so I think we'll head to bed soon.

There's chocolate bunny calling my name (heh), so I'll bid you all a fond good night!

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