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Birthday Weekend Recap

Not a weekend with the focus on Marilyn mistressmarilyn having a ton of birthday fun, I'm afraid. (We'll hopefully make up for that when we take our Vegas trip!)

But, wow, did we get a ton done! I think it was a successful chores weekend, for sure.

She got her driver's license renewed today, which didn't take all that long and went very smoothly. Then she closed the bank account that needed closing, while I did some additional grocery shopping. And at 5:00 p.m. we went to get the taxes done. We were leaving the building by 5:11, with the papers signed! Colleen (Marilyn's tax person) will do all the rest, filing electronically.

The oil is changed on the car and the new headlamp is installed. I we did major grocery shopping. By the way, I don't recall what night we did it, but we both recently filed our nails way down, too -- and they look great.

Speaking of nails, with this almost-summer-like weather, going around in sandals has been fun. My French pedicure still looks terrific. (smile)

Today was a beautiful, sunny day -- and really warm. (Could it just STAY this way for the next several months???) We let the cats go out in the back yard to get some fresh air and sunshine.

Back to work tomorrow. I've got Ron coming in and the Staff has an interactive session focusing on making the most of the Board/Staff partnership. (We're doing this during lunch.) Marilyn's come up with some role playing exercises we can do...

And tomorrow (Tuesday) is Marilyn's actual bday, so hopefully she'll get many greetings and other surprises. (smile) I guess we'll see what happens.

Jeff will be back from his vacation, which didn't go all that well, as Katie (poor baby!) got sick (!!!) during it. I can only imagine... I'm always glad when Jeff's back, so that's a plus for me.

Hopefully Ron and I will make more headway with the computers this week... I've got an eBulletin to get done and numerous website pages to work on, aside from the usual IT things. But in three months the festival is over, so it's normal to be SUPER BUSY now!

I saw the end of the movie "The Mother," that Marilyn was watching -- and it was amazing. Anne Reid was incredible in the lead role -- and I was stunned to discover she's 64. She seemed much younger to me... (And the love scenes between Anne's character May and Daniel Craig's Darren were really hot.) This was a Sundance film, and Anne was nominated for BAFTA Film Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. (Actually, she was nominated for a number of awards, which doesn't surprise me one bit. It was a powerful performance.)

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