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Lovely, Sunny Day!

We slept in this morning, which was very nice! We listened to the end of the Top 40 Countdown on the radio at home. (Normally we try to do this while having a drive in the car, but we slept too late for that...)

We had to add Lady Gaga's NEW Top 40 song "Poker Face" (#7) to our latest mix I've been mentioning, which now contains 11 songs. (I adore Lady Gaga.)

After we got up and played a little Zuma, we took a drive up the Gorge. Our goal was a continued celebration of Marilyn's mistressmarilyn birthday -- all very relaxed and laid back.

We stopped at the Starbucks in Hood River, after driving and playing our new mix the entire drive. So nice! (I treated with my Starbucks card -- we both had iced drinks and breakfast sandwiches.)

It was a little hazy up the Gorge, but still a wonderful ride. We wavered between an 8 and a 9 on our 'weather scale' for the day. It was a little chilly up the Gorge (because of wind), but very nice here at home when we got back!

We had to drop briefly by the office (to pick up tax papers), then home again, where we even split a beer! (smile) Upstairs the house currently reads 76°, believe it or not! It's much cooler downstairs, though. The windows in the living room add a lot of warmth on a sunny day, I have to tell you.

After again playing Zuma and watching a little TV, we were happy to have our evening nap. Driving in the sunshine does tend to make us sleepy...

We still need to get to the store, but I don't know if that will happen tonight or not. If not, we'll get there tomorrow, for sure.

It was fun today, wearing tank tops (Marilyn's is black, mine is pink). I also wore sandals, that showed off my French pedicure -- just like a summer day! Fun!

No, I didn't start my story last night. I did work on it for a few minutes early this morning, though. I really should be typing on it right now! I did talk it out a bit with Marilyn, telling her some of what I planned to write -- and how the story is already going a different way than I'd expected (!!!), which happens every time.

I love writing. I think it's amazing how you can map it all out, but the characters and plot just go their own way when you sit down to the work...

Well, I'm thinking I might catch a few more winks, to tell you the truth! So I'm going to lie down again. "Cold Sassy Tree" is still a great and entertaining read. (I wish I'd remember to blog every book I read. This would be a great place to keep track...)

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