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Bday Weekend: Car Maintenance, Reading and More...

As I mentioned before, this is Marilyn's mistressmarilyn birthday weekend. Her actual birthday is next Tuesday, April 7, but she took Monday off so we could enjoy a three-day weekend.

Today we went with sister Sue suzy_qp to get Starbucks (I bought), then for a ride down to Sauvie Island. (The website is relatively new -- I was really surprised to discover it! Not a bad site, by the way...)

Marilyn and I take rides to Sauvie Island all the time. We've been going there since childhood. Our family once had land there, but that was before we were born. It's been our dream our entire life to live there again someday. (Who knows? Maybe we will one day...)

Anyway, we met sister Sue at our local Tire Factory (which used to be a small, locally-owned tire business). We needed to get an oil change. Plus our left-front headlight was out, so we needed to get the headlamp replaced. So while the work was being done, we headed out with Sue in her car. (Of course Sue and I both had our free bottle of water, with the Tire Factory labels... smile...)

She had some nice gifts for Marilyn, which included The 1993 Presidential Inaugural Medal (of William Jefferson Clinton) -- and the website photos do not do this bronze medal justice, believe me! Sue was there for Clinton's Inauguration, so this is a cool thing to have. (She gave me one as a memento back in '93, and it's currently on my desk at work.) She also gave her two pairs of earrings, including one of blue fused glass, very pretty! Nice things -- Marilyn was really pleased.

We ended up having to go to our local Baxter Auto shop to get the headlamp, because they were out at Tire Factory. That was okay, as both shops are located right on Lombard, so it only took a few minutes.

It's now around 10:30 p.m. -- and Marilyn's still napping. We need to go to the office to pick up her tax papers, as she has an appointment for Monday with Colleen at St. Johns Tax Service (which is the local business where our family has had their taxes done forever and a day). We'd planned to go grocery shopping, too, but clearly it's too late for that today...

It was lovely and sunny today, by the way! Such a nice change to finally be experiencing some spring-like weather. Tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be even nicer!

I'm reading "Cold Sassy Tree" -- a novel by Olive Ann Burns, originally published in 1984. (Olive was born in 1924 -- the same year as my mother -- and died in 1990.) I'm finding it a fascinating read and have even laughed out loud several times. (smile) I think I've seen parts of the movie at some point, but I don't remember ever seeing the entire thing...

I just finished reading "Terminator Salvation: From the Ashes," written by Timothy Zahn. What a good read! (WARNING: The above book link tells the entire plot, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't follow it!)

I think Zahn (whom I'd never read before) is a good writer. This book is considered a PREQUEL to "Terminator Salvation," the movie that comes out in May. I'm normally pretty bored by novels that are constantly describing battle scenes, but Zahn managed to hold my attention! I wonder if he'll be involved in the novelization of the movie or not... ??? I can't wait for it to be released so I can read it! (And, NO, I never mind being spoiled before a movie is released, so I hope it comes out before then...)

As always in my life, I'm currently reading five or more books, so these two barely scratch the surface for me.

I need to be WRITING on my story for Writer's Group, which I have yet to start. It's due on Monday, so I need to get it DONE this weekend! Maybe I should go work on it now...

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