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Fan Videos!

I know a number of my LiveJournal friends actually make these, so obviously I'm not asking any of you... (smile) I guess this applies to everyone else except you talented people.

Have you ever thought about making your own Fan Video?

These are also known by other names, such as song vids (etc.). I always think of them as fan-created music videos.

The best of these manage to take a song and then combine video clips from movies and TV shows in an artistic fashion.

Anyway, I've wanted to try my hand at them for ages, but never seem to find the time...

Today I gave it a shot.

First you need the applications that help you to do it, which include an application to rip a DVD to your hard drive and another application to convert the ripped product to a proper format. Then Windows users (like me) can use Windows Movie Maker, which comes free with Windows.

If you've watched these mini-movies and thought they were amazing, I'd simply say 'you'd better believe it!' -- because making them is a lot of work. It takes a lot of time and care. As you can guess from the various software applications required to make a fan video, there are numerous steps involved.

It's not for anyone who is lazy, in other words! (smile)

I barely got my feet wet today (I had too much other work to do), but I can see how much FUN it is to create in this fashion...

Even if I never end up sharing what I make, I'm excited to try to make these. I hope that after the festival is over I can put some real effort into learning more about it. Part of it is just practice, like anything else.

And to my friends who are already making them, I applaud you (as I always have) for your work. I've always found that the more I understand how to do something like this, the more I appreciate the final product!

On that note, I'm off for my nightly nap.

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