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Busy Day -- New Interns and TONS of IT...

Another busy day at the festival office!

Two new interns started today: Danielle and Annette! Both impressed me as smart and sharp -- they were unfamiliar with Outlook, but picking stuff up REALLY fast! (And, NO, I'm not that easy to impress when it comes to computer-related stuff at work...)

I had to lug around SEVERAL computers today (!!!) and do one FULL setup of a computer to the network (which takes over an hour). I also shifted some computers from one station to another, ending up with most stations well covered for the upcoming festival season.

Currently we don't have a second computer station at the front desk, but as there's nobody assigned there, we really don't NEED one. I may leave it empty this year, depending on what other equipment Ron can help me get up and running by the end of next week (or the week after)...

I'm also 'missing' a computer in the office that was Lilia's (previously Jessica's office), but might leave that spot empty, as well. Tyler should be starting up soon, and he'll have his laptop, so there's no problem there. With the newly setup office WiFi, he would normally be able to Remote to the server -- but as he has a MAC and we've yet to figure out that can of worms, he'll probably have to use a shared computer (like the Graphics computer) to access the server. (And this is the least of my worries, so...)

Unfortunately, even though Marilyn mistressmarilyn had a STRONG connection to the new WiFi, she couldn't access the internet -- which is the whole point of having WiFi! So I've got a call in to Kent to try and figure out what's WRONG (sigh), as this was the main reason I had him in the office to work on Tuesday...

That figures. (sigh)

I was up and down the stairs dozens of times again today, which I prefer to view as a GOOD thing, giving me more exercise. I move from station to station (office to office) when I'm having an IT day, so that's just how it goes.

No. I didn't get to touch any web-related work today. And I have an eBulletin that's supposed to go out this week (???), so I guess I know what I'll be racing to finish up tomorrow! (I'm not sure how that fell off my radar... sigh...)

I also had a phone meeting with Oliver (the guy from our Email Blast service) late in the afternoon. They're going to be providing us with a pro bono Calendar Service that sounds pretty awesome -- I'll be looking for a mock-up by next week. It should help our award-winning website and highly ranked website to do an even better job, so naturally I'm all over that!

Mayor Harry and Georgie were in for a meeting today (in costume -- so I'm not calling them by their REAL names) -- and it's always nice to see them! And I made sure Angel had a computer back today -- he emailed me just after 11:00 p.m. to let me know he had Remote Access again (woo hoo), which was one of my goals! Like me, Angel isn't in the office daily, so he needs that access to get his work done.

Yeah, I'm all over the cyber office -- and what can be accomplished from at home.

Speaking of offices, we drove by the NEW space downtown today -- and they've taken down the old neon sign in preparation to PAINT the exterior! Exciting stuff!!!

Marilyn and I were the last ones in the office tonight, but we did get home before 7:00 p.m., so I'm not complaining. We ate leftover homemade soup and then watched "Jeopardy" (on DVR) and had a nap. (In my case, a very long nap.) She's currently washing and drying her hair (she has an early morning meeting tomorrow), and we'll have a snack of cheese and crackers before heading to bed as it nears midnight.

Our latest iPod playlist is VERY popular (I've been sharing it around the office). Many people have heard what I call the Christian Bale Rap (his rant set to music). I imagine many more will hear it soon... (heh)

The current flu bug is still making the rounds in our office (!!!), but Marilyn is starting to regain her sense of smell, thankfully. Her cough was BAD last night, but she's GREAT compared to many others in the office. (And -- so far -- I'm fine, which is a good thing.)

Well, I need to go cut up cheese for our snack! I'd love to start my story for Writer's Group this weekend, as I've given it thought, but haven't typed a single word, yet. Angel told me he's done with his (go, Angel!), and I know June june_bug_w started her story ages ago...

We're supposed to have 70° weather on Sunday -- the first time in 2009! We're so excited! What a perfect birthday gift that would be for Marilyn (she's taking a three-day weekend and not working Monday). And it's supposed to stay nice through Tuesday, which is her actual bday...

In tennis news, Rafa LOST today (!!!) in Miami. What's THAT about? (He's just not that good in tie-breakers...)

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