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Busy Day at the Office -- And 'Auto' LJ-Cuts??? (!!!)

A very busy day at the office that started with the PAYROLL computer f**ked up (yes, AGAIN). Thankfully Kent came in today, as it took over an hour for him to fix just this problem. (sigh)

The eNewsletter went out just past noon (waiting on a photo to include), the Memorial Day webpage did NOT go live, I set up two computers in two stations, set up two new users (including phone extensions) and did a pile of stuff with Kent. I was racing to finish in time to go to the Court thing that ran in the evening...

Sometimes I'm amazed by how much can be done in a single day.

We got home just past 8:00 p.m. and I fixed a quick dinner (homemade soup and toasted cheese sands). Now it's time for a well-earned NAP!

By the way, as much as I favor the use of lj-cuts, I don't think I like the idea of AUTO lj-cuts! When did this suddenly come up??? And why didn't they float it by us? (Or did I miss it while busy at work... ???) Will there be an opt-out?

It struck me as so Facebook-ish -- which is NOT a compliment, mind you. (Especially seeing as I can barely use Facebook since the recent changes... sigh...)

I've had too big a day to deal with this now, so whatever. I guess I'll go listen to the Christian Bale Rap (rant!!!), in place of saying it all myself. (heh)

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