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Email??? It Can Be Scary Stuff! (heh)

Here's the thing...

I'm really AWFUL about staying in control of my various email inboxes...

I tend to let my Inbox at home get huge -- and considering it's also my 'To Do' in many ways, that's B.A.D. bad.

And if I've neglected my home Inbox, that's NOTHING to what I've done in recent years with my work Inbox! I should have kept track before I started working it over, but I know it was more than 1,500 entries.

Admittedly, it's simple to find things, using various search methods. And I have a very detailed filing system in my home email (more folders than you can probably imagine). So it's not like I tend to lose things very often, believe it or not...

Still, I've discovered in recent weeks that if I keep my Inbox at home down, it helps me to be more organized.

At this moment, my home Inbox contains 19 items. That's a record for me -- and I'm pretty sure I've never been that low except when I first set up the email account.

The hard part will be keeping it that way -- but I think knowing the benefits will motivate me...

As for my work Inbox, I've got it down to 58 items. Again, I don't think I've had it that low since prior to 2007. (I used to empty it all the time, way back when -- but I really let it go in recent years, obviously!)

Will I be more organized now? I think so, but only time will tell...

In other news, Marilyn mistressmarilyn is at work (she went in for a 7:30 a.m. meeting, as a matter of fact). I've done two loads of dishes (the machine was full, as well as one side of the sink), so that's a good thing. I could stand to vacuum, do some laundry, pick up my bedroom, feed the birds (including the hummingbirds) and water the plants, time permitting. I also need to work on the current eNewsletter, which I've barely started, I'm afraid.

Besides that, I have both website work (piles) and IT work (piles). So why am I taking time to blog??? Good question!

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