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Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry -"The Prestige" - "Law & Order"

Yes, I'm hung up on a new pop: Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry.

Of course, I can't actually link you to that new product (!!!), because it's not available yet on the Dr. Pepper website. Hey! Dr. Pepper people? What's that about???

By the way, there's a spot at their website where you can get a coupon to try the product for free. How cool is that?

Anyway, while hunting for photos of the new product, I kept coming up with references to Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate. Um, that is just so WRONG.

Look, I love trying new soda flavors, but that's over the top -- even for me. I will NOT be trying that (assuming it's still around). (yikes)

As soon as I'm done with this entry, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are going to watch "The Prestige" -- YES, again. She just finished the book ("The Prestige"), which I also finally finished recently -- and we both loved it! What wonderful writing.

We adore BOTH the book and the movie -- in different ways.

I have no clue how many times we've watched "The Prestige," but it's worth watching over and over again. A really wonderful film. (And what an incredible cast!)

We watched last night's "Law & Order" (on DVR) and we were pretty bored by a less-than-fascinating episode. But we're huge Linus Roache (Michael Cutter) fans, so it's worth watching just to see him. (grin)

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