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iPod -- Gotta Have the Music

Both Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I strongly believe that if people would listen to more music -- and especially music that's UPBEAT -- that the world would be a happier place.

Yeah, we've spent our lives loving what's known as pop music. I know there are tons of people who aren't into pop. But I'd also mention that Marilyn and I have spent our lives as happy people -- in spite of whatever unhappy things might be going on.

I'm not saying that we don't listen to tons of other types of music, because we do! Last night I was listening to some Chopin nocturnes, which I adore. I have Classical music on my iPod and showtunes and rock and rap and on and on. I love pop, but there are tons of other types of music that I love, too.

I'm not suggesting you force yourself to listen to pop if you hate it. I'm just suggesting you find some music of some type, somewhere, that is upbeat to listen to -- especially if you tend to be depressed. Because upbeat music can help you to be more upbeat.

I was having trouble sleeping last night (for whatever reason), so I just hooked up my iPod and listened to it for hours. Part of the time I read (or did other things), but mostly I just listened to a ton of wonderful music.

Today I downloaded "Let It Rock" (by Kevin Rudolf -- the link goes to a YouTube of the song). I adore this song! (And to me this is an example of an upbeat song.) Marilyn says she wants this to be her new ring tone for her cell phone. (smile)

Actually, I have a hunch people would be really surprised by the variety of music on my iPod, actually. It's funny how often I end up talking to people about what's on my iPod. And I adore it when people tell me what they have on their iPods...

In other news, sister Sue suzy_qp took Marilyn to her appointment with her specialist this afternoon, and I went along. It went well and Marilyn said she wasn't in too much discomfort afterwards, so that's a good thing.

I had a diet Coke while there -- and later tried to go to and register to 'redeem' my cap. Um, can you say: "Your website sucks?" (Several times, really fast, please.) I can't even say how much I HATE websites that don't work. Cut back the crap and make it less so-called 'interactive' and try to make it actually do what it's supposed to do, can you?

Well, we all know I'm a picky bitch when it comes to websites, so there's no point in going on more than this. Just, just, just... if people can't USE your website the way it's intended, people, then what the hell is the point??? The day I buy into that as a webmaster is the day people can start torturing me (several hours straight of truly depressing music would be a good start).

In happy news, today is Nicole's birthday -- and she turned 11!

In sad news, our 'neon' (fake neon) clock in our office here at home appears to have 'died.' (sigh) I love that cool clock, so I'm very disappointed.

In other sad news, my wrist watch died back when we changed over to Daylight Saving Time -- and I'm going crazy without it! I must get a new one (and quit saying that I must do it).

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