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Wal-Mart with Sister Sue

I didn't have a 'shop' icon -- shocking, isn't it? So I had to make one, of course. (smile)

Sister Sue suzy_qp and I made a 'run' to Wal-Mart to pick up a few items. I did a pretty STUPID thing, and left pop under the shopping cart in the parking lot. (Long story. But we were trying to cram everything into the back seat because the trunk was full, it was dark and Sue was hunting for her missing cell phone (which was happily in the car). I phoned the store when I realized what I'd done, but they weren't at all helpful, frankly.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn felt they should have made good on the pop for us, considering how much we spend at that store in a year, but that's the way it goes. It was my dumb mistake, after all... (sigh)

And they were out (again) of 'blue' (the Equate Cold pills Marilyn and I like to take), so I had to get something else that cost more than twice as much (!!!). At our house it's a disaster to be out of blue! Seriously. (heh)

I did get some Red Hots, which even though they're candy, we consider them medicinal. The settle an upset stomach better than anything, including Pepcid, believe it or not (and I've always sworn by Pepcid...).

In other news, I got my Home email inbox down to UNDER 20 items. Usually I have a hard time keeping it under 200 items, so this is a big deal. But I use it as my 'To Do' list, and this time of year it's really important to be able to locate the times I'm working on. Happily, Netscape (yes, I'm still using it here at home) let's you COPY an email from one folder to another. So the original can go where I've filtered it to file, but I can also send a copy to the inbox. Once I'm done with the request, I delete the inbox version, in effect crossing it off of my To Do List...

I worked hard on the Visitor page at the website today, but still didn't finish it. It's complicated coding, so it takes longer than most pages. Hopefully I'll finish it in the morning. I'd planned to work on it more after we got home from shopping, but the time got away from me. So I'll finish up this blog entry and call it a day, I guess...

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