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Website Work.

I've spent hours on festival website work today. In fact, I can't sit still to do anything else. I keep trying, but then my mind goes back to how much needs to get done, and I just have to get up and come back to it...

I've done the coding for four emails I got from Carol. One of those emails took me several hours to code (it contained nine items -- and it was detailed coding). I have another seven emails from Carol, alone. Needless to say, this doesn't touch all the other coding emails I've received from other people. So, yeah, it's a TON of work.

Not complaining, mind you. Just stating a fact. I figure if I stick with it every single day and do at least five hours a day, I might get on top of it at some point.

I have to take breaks, though, as it messes with my eyes so bad. At one point I was staring at a page where the text should appear as dark gray, but it was looking GREEN to me (!!!). I opened it in two other browsers to double-check. Yeah, it was actually gray, but my eyes were having a hard time going there...

Admittedly I don't have great eyesight to begin with. And I do mono-vision with my contacts, which means my middle distance isn't very good. So after I've been staring at coding for a couple hours, well...

Poor Marilyn mistressmarilyn. That's all I'm going to say, except that all good thoughts (and prayers) are appreciated. Thanks!

The sun is shining right now. Nice!

Well, I need to get back to work now.

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