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LOTR Meme. (Because I LOVE LotR!)

This is not merely about being a meme sheep! This is because I love LOTR, obviously! LOL.

And I love Sean Bean, so I'm delighted by this (unlikely) response...

You're Sean!!!
You are SEAN BEAN. You speak at the speed of a
glacier and cause unassuming viewers to get
angry with you because you talked through 5
scenes and didn't let anyone else talk.

Which FotR:EE Cast Commentator Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

(You know, I never was annoyed by any scene that had Boromir appear! In fact, I was delighted in the extended movie versions that allowed him to have more scene time. He's an amazing actor. One of the finest in a cast of fine actors!)

Okay, so I'm off to do more moderation... LOL. (Yes, yes, I live for moderation, clearly...)


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