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Work and Work Stress

I had a nap and was grinding my teeth again, I'm afraid. I guess it was website-related stress that made me grind. I was dreaming about all the work I got today from Carol (11 separate emails -- some containing more than one change or addition) -- and how I'd solve one of her requests that is almost impossible to solve.

If you've never worked a website with a strict template this probably not won't make sense to you, but Carol wants me to code a certain part of one page that has a very limited width -- and do it in the same way I've done a page that has a very wide width. (Think of it as trying to put a round peg into a square hole, or something.)

The simple answer should just be 'no' -- it can't be done. I hate to give that reply, because I don't feel it's seen as a template having limitations -- I think it's seen as me refusing to try, and that I'm being difficult about the request.

I do want to accommodate people's requests, but sometimes it's very difficult.

I was also upset to read that Carol said, "...otherwise it looks a little weird..." about some coding I was especially proud of.

I spent ages getting the code to work the way it does on the page in question, so I guess hearing she finds it 'weird' was disappointing.

Besides that, it's a pain to constantly be expected to code and re-code the same things. I have a lot of new Copy that needs coding, so why should I have to re-do work that's done, just to reach some higher level of... what? I think I code quite well, thanks -- and I think I have a good sense of the navigation at the website. I guess sometimes I feel my expertise is ignored.

The thing with websites? Everybody has an opinion. It's like looking at a painting in many ways. Everybody sees it differently. I get that, but to me in the end it should be about function -- and being practical. I have better ways to use my time than to keep coding the same Copy over and over. That seem logical to me, anyway.

I try not to appear to be complaining about my work all the time. Everybody at the festival has a heavy workload and everybody has stress and everybody has to do work they don't enjoy. I'm no different, certainly, and I really don't mean to whine about it.

On the other hand, I think sometimes we all have unreasonable expectations -- and because it's hard to explain what I do and how I do it, I think people fail to realize that there are limits to what can be done at the website.

Yes, I think of making coding changes that would eliminate tables -- at least more than now -- and might make it easier to work within the layout we have. But I doubt I'll ever have the free time to seriously re-code the site, so I know it's just a dream. Some day someone else will take it over and probably do a total redesign -- much more than I've done. But I've been doing this work for over a year and a half now, and going by what I've been able to do, I'm pretty sure I'll never find enough time to be the one doing it...

Even so, a redesign wouldn't mean the end of all limitations. No matter what, there would be things that couldn't be done -- just as there are now. The answer needs to be 'NO' sometimes, and it needs to be listened to. I just need to be better at expressing 'no,' I suppose. And at making it stick.

Believe it or not, I'm probably a month ahead of where I was last year at the website. You'd think I'd be feeling less pressure this year, but it seems like there's so much more to do. Actually, that's true. We now have an eBulletin, as well as an eNewsletter, for example. The eBulletin is easier than the eNewsletter, but it still takes work.

Last year we had no eNewsletter in January. We had one in February and one in March.

This year we had eNewsletters in January and February -- and I have another due next week (in March). Plus I've also done two eBulletins, one in February and one in March.

Last year we REMOVED a number of webpages at the website. During the past several months, we've added COUNTLESS webpages to the website (I coded 13 pages for the court section alone), and are planning to add more.

Admittedly, my IT-related workload last year was pretty similar to what I'm experiencing this year. I thought it might be lighter this year, but so far that's not true. But it's nice to have Ron helping me out (!!!), and the talk of an intern is cool. (If it happens, which I still find pretty unlikely...)

I continue to type up tutorials on any number of subjects, as well. I find it helpful to have something in print to hand to people when explaining how things are done.

Last year I didn't create the Flash slideshows I'm now trying to do on a regular basis. They're not a ton of work, but they do require time. On the other hand, I haven't done a PowerPoint presentation since the Auction. I can't recall if I did any this time last year.

I feel pretty organized about how I'm doing the website and my other projects, even though I never seem on top of things. But it's the sort of stress everyone has at the festival, as I said before. Mine is certainly less stressful than many experience -- and far, far less than Marilyn deals with!

Well, that was ridiculously long-winded! But maybe it's important for ME to see -- and not really for others to read. So don't feel bad if you didn't bother. (smile)

I'm now off to watch "Frasier" and head to bed. For the record, I did no festival work today, though I did help June june_bug_w briefly with a computer issue.

But I love to work. I love producing things. The website and other cyber publications are exciting to do and to see -- and I'm proud of my part with these projects. Work is a good thing.

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