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Titan Backup (Fanfic, Jim's Belated Bday and More...)

My newest application 'toy' (if you will) is Titan Backup, an application that runs under $50. (It's $39.95, actually...)

As I may have mentioned before, I keep all the files for the festival website on a single Lexar jump drive. It's a 1 gig, but I haven't even filled 1/4 of it with all the web-related stuff. (And that includes images and other items that don't actually get loaded to the site.)

I have another Lexar jump drive that I call 'IT Plus' -- which is a 4 gig (white). It contains everything related to IT Management of the office, but TONS more, too (that's the 'plus' part). It has the eNewsletters, the eBulletins, the images used to create both, tons of festival-related PDFs, IT documents that are both Word and Excel and on and on. It's not near to half full yet, but it's got a lot of important files!

Anyway, I've been so paranoid about these two jumps that at one point I was even taking them to bed with me. (smile) Well, I had them close by the bed, anyway.

Around a month ago I decided it was time to start backing these up, just to be safe. Jump drives can fail, after all -- and they're small, so they can get lost! I'd be dead in the water to get my work done without them, I can tell you that.

I got other Lexar jumps and copied everything to them, then realized how inconvenient that was! I needed to be able to do incremental (and differential) backups. I mean, there's a lot of stuff on these, and if it takes forever to copy them, I'm not going to do it regularly. See how well I know myself? (grin)

I also wanted to find an application my friend June june_bug_w could use with her new Iomega external hard drive. She needs to start backing stuff up, considering she recently had a BSoD (Blue Screen of Death) -- and has had a number of other issues, too. When your computer starts to freeze up or hang frequently, it's time for a backup...

The nice thing about Titan Backup is that it's so user friendly! It has a great Help (with loads of images), is simple to set up and allows you to schedule backups. (June doesn't really need to know how to do, because we've got it set up to run automatically in the middle of the night once a week...)

Obviously I have to do jump backups manually, because I don't have the ports to keep them all plugged in -- and I travel them all the time. (I used them both in my Home office and at the festival office, which is why jumps work so well for my purposes. It wouldn't make sense to keep them on the hard drive of any given computer, considering I'm at different computers all the time.)

I did type up my own 'How To' (tutorial) in Word, with images. I gave a copy to June, but doubt she'll have any cause to to refer to it. Actually, I doubt I'll need to refer to it, either. As I said, Titan Backup is very user friendly, which makes it a dream to work with!

I helped her do the initial backup while I was over there today. And I (finally) took Jim his (very belated) birthday gifts! We got him a West Bend Egg Cooker -- plus a dozen eggs (!!!) -- and some other small gifts. (And I gave June a Happy Un-Birthday gift of a glass rose...)

I didn't need to compress (zip) the backups, because in my case the jumps I'm backing to are the same size as the jumps that are the source. And in June's case, the external is HUGE, so she'll be able to back up her own computer and her husband Jim's computer, too! (Seriously, I think it's something like 600 gigs!)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I just re-watched the movie "3:10 to Yuma," with Christian Bale as Dan Evans and Russell Crowe as Ben Wade. We love that (very slashy) film! While I'm upstairs (in our office) typing this blog entry, Marilyn is downstairs (in the family room) typing a fanfic featuring this movie (on her laptop). I can't WAIT to read it! (smile)

Remember my mention of Colin in the 'tent' on the sofa? He was in it AGAIN today! I had to make another tent on the loveseat for a very envious Henry...

Sister Sue suzy_qp took Candy to the doctor yesterday. I guess things are going well, but she needs to stay off the foot more. Sue was pretty excited that her contractors finally finished up the work yesterday!

And she got the Proofs of the cribbage Copy that I helped her gather for the Board of Director nominations. She made corrections and sent it off for publication! (woo hoo)

Well, I need to go see how that fic is coming along! (heh)

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