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Hair? Colored It...

I almost forgot to mention that I colored my hair today. It needed it! (smile)

I generally try to get my hair cut first (which I did yesterday), then color it (today). It makes the most sense that way, as I don't end up coloring hair that will just be whacked off soon...

In cute cat news (smile) for today, Colin crawled into the 'tent' on the living room sofa. A tent is created by taking a blanket and draping it over the back of a sofa (etc.) so it makes a kind of tent-like area. Normally Henry is CRAZY about anything remotely tent-like. He loves to go under the bed-covers, for example. And if you have a blanket covering you while sitting in a chair, he'll go under that, too. But Colin isn't a tent fan, as a rule...

Actually, he did this yesterday for a few moments, too -- but Henry jumped on top of him and started biting him! I'm sure he thought it was a game, but Colin ran out quickly in ill humor, while Henry kept biting the now-empty blanket. (grin)

But today when Henry went for a repeat performance, I called him over to me and he left Colin alone. Colin remained in the tent snoozing for hours! So adorable...

Speaking of cats, Henry is beside me right now, curled up on Marilyn's mistressmarilyn computer chair (she's downstairs).

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