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A Giving World...

I love to be part of the GIVING WORLD.

Those of you who are doing NaBloPoMo this month probably know that the topic is GIVING. (Or 'giving up' -- but I'm not much into that second topic, frankly!)

Obviously, GIVING is an important part of my life. I've been an active volunteer for almost my entire adult life, and I take it very seriously.

Anyway, thanks to Marilyn mistressmarilyn and Rich, I was able to tell Ron (who does computer work for the festival pro bono) that the sanctioned event he's involved with is getting the entry fee waived! Ron (and his computer company that he's trying to get off the ground) sponsors this event, so he'll have his company name appear with the event info at the festival website -- which I feel is a pretty big deal (considering how high our website ranks).

The fee is only $300, so it's not much considering all he's doing for us. But at least it's something! He's giving us hours of his time -- to say nothing of his expertise -- and helping me provide the people in our festival office with better computer equipment. So I'm pretty grateful to him...

As Ron said, this was what the world did before everyone used money -- and he's right. We all helped each other out, which is a great concept.

My role is a small one in all this, but I'm glad to be there pushing (as always). We don't have a bunch of brand new equipment, I admit -- but we have better overall equipment for everyone, including our seasonal people and our interns. And as I always say, it's hard to do the work if you don't have decent equipment! Maybe I care too much about that, but I know just how hard it can be to try to do a good job when your computer is crap. It wasn't all that many years ago that I felt lucky to have ANY computer to use when I was in the office, regardless of the importance of the jobs I might be doing. So I get it really well. I'm not someone who feels it's 'all about me' when it comes to providing good equipment -- nor would I ever be. (I guess that's one of the reasons my bosses like having me as the IT Manager in the office...)

Ron is clearly a giving man, who will never be rich (or even well off). But karma? That guy has to be high on the list when it comes to good karma! And, honestly, I think that matters a lot more...

He got another computer up and running for me today -- and told me it's really FAST! I'll be doing some rearranging of equipment the next time I head in there, I think. Eventually we'll be retiring all the old stuff with Windows 2000 -- and about time! That means that anyone who has a Windows-compatible computer at home will be able to Remote Access (at long last). That's been a goal of mine since I became the IT Manager...

Yeah, I'm still struggling with providing enough equipment for everyone -- and keeping that equipment running as well as possible. But I think together Ron and I will make it better, anyway!

Even when there's stress, I seriously LOVE my life. Life is good. It's so damn good!

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