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Another Busy Day at the Festival Office...

It was another (typical?) busy day at the festival office...

Tonight Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I got home just before "Jeopardy" started. We were watching the beginning of "2009 Tournament of Champions" when we heard loud knocking on the door upstairs. At first we were ignoring it, then suddenly I remembered that Marilyn was getting a massage from Amanda!

Anyway, "Jeopardy" was set to DVR, so we turned it off and ran upstairs. I moved the furniture and we both greeted Amanda -- who told us the exciting news that she's pregnant!

After that I went downstairs with the cats and ate some cold spaghetti while having a Chill beer. (Shock of shocks, I drank a whole bottle by myself!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I was looking forward to celebrating the holiday with a beer all day long! (smile)

Staff meeting went well -- we did the presentation on computer practices and I gave out my handout on website submissions. I had to leave to get my hair cut (thankfully!), and when I was done and came back, the meeting was still going on (!!!). (yikes)

Jeff did his morale booster basketball pool thingy (grin), which Marilyn signed me up for. (I so do not get basketball...) I think it's so sweet of Jeff do this, by the way! Ashley sent Jeff a lovely email thanking him for both this and the popcorn -- which really made his day.

Ron came in during the afternoon and did computer work. Thank God! I actually started my day with Mandy's computer problem -- her Outlook was so messed up she had to Remote to it! (sigh) Ron discovered her hard drive was bad and needed replacing. Jeff authorized petty cash for Ron to purchase a new one. He hopes to have it by Friday (fingers crossed) and bring it in -- then ghost the files on the old drive to the new one. The ghosting would save me HOURS of setup and installation time, so I'm really excited about that!

By the way, Ron is working out GREAT (I need to thank sister Sue suzy_qp) -- and is a big help, He's such a good and giving guy. I wish him all the best in his career and love that he's so good about offering all this pro bono time!

Oh! And today Carol mentioned that I might be able to get an IT intern (!!!) to help out. It would be very limited hours, but I'm all over the idea. (It's an unpaid internship, so we'll see how it goes...) I've wanted one for ages and can't say what it would mean to me...

The eBulletin did not make it out today. Long story, but hopefully it will go first thing tomorrow. That means we're pushing the eNewsletter into next week, to avoid sending both out the same week. (Good by me, as I've barely started the eNewsletter at this point.)

The court slideshow we'd planned on isn't happening. The photos didn't end up getting taken (which is what I get when I rely on another person to do the pictures for me, I guess). We'll still be doing a new slideshow for the Home page (that means I'll be making a Flash slideshow), but with different photos. I guess that's okay...

Clown Corps auditions were going on in the office today! There were 17 people in, and all but two were good prospects. How exciting! I got to talk to several of them, and they seemed like wonderful people...

I was very late doing the court update today, but at least it got done. I had my usual slew of IT-related work (which happens EVERY time I'm in the office), plus a bunch of website coding to do...

Just when I was having a bad moment today, Jana came over -- and made my day! I love that girl! She's so warm and fun. She leaves next Tuesday for Vegas, so Marilyn and I have to make her a list of places to check out. I hope she has a WONDERFUL time, because she so deserves it!!!

Rich rocks it, by the way. I can't get over how hard the guy works. (I doubt I need to say how hard Marilyn works, as that's a given. I don't know anyone who works harder than she does...)

But to tell the truth, I really love all the people I work with. It's such a good team!

And on that note, I'm heading to bed...
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