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Nap Time! Done Workin'...

Done working for the day. (woo hoo)

Ready for a nap!

Yes, I did wash my hair, finally...

Supper was great -- I spaghetti and garlic toast.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I did numerous documents, but we're only handing out TWO at Staff meeting. I'm going to put the others in a place where people can locate them if they wish...

That would include various documents on how to do things in Outlook, how to do things in Excel and so on. Whenever I have to make notes for myself, I just take the extra effort to make the notes into a 'How To' that can be used by everyone. Why not? It only takes time, after all...

Personally, I can work with very brief (not detailed) TEXT notes -- but most people need detailed steps with images. So I try to create what will help others, as well as me.

I guess Candy is doing okay (after her surgery), but still staying down for the most part. Sister Sue suzy_qp is pretty much waiting on her hand and foot, but she should be able to get Candy's daughter Nicole (Sue's granddaughter) to help for the next two weeks (she's on Spring Break -- she's gets two weeks because she attends a year-round school).

It was a very spring-like day, meaning we had blue skies some of the time and then rain and worse. (yikes) Yesterday was also nice part of the time -- and HORRIBLE part of the time! At one point we were on the freeway heading toward home and it was raining so hard you couldn't see where you were going! I'm not kidding.

Well, this is two entries in one day. Shock!

In spite of my busy schedule, I'm managing (so far) to blog every day. I'm still trying to do NaBloPoMo -- so far so good!

And today while picking up a bit in my home office, I came across some amazing family history... My sister Sue's first 'letter' that Mom kept (it's pencil scribbles on a sheet of stationery), some photos that Dad had put away in his own things, some report cards for both my parents signed by their mothers (my grandmothers) and on and on. I suppose I should scan them sometime, if I can find the spare time to do it...

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