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Quiet Sunday (mostly) at Home...

Today was a quiet Sunday spent at home -- for the most part.

We did go down to the office long enough to fix the deadbolt on the back door. It's been sticking for ages, so I took my tiny bottle of Break-Free along. (This product is a lot like WD 40.) I just put a bit on my key and used it in the lock. And I think it's going to be fine now. (Carol had phoned us from work yesterday to tell us she couldn't get the deadbolt to work -- she was there to work on the pin project for hours... sigh...) We skipped getting my camera as we'd originally planned. I'll simply download what's on it when I'm in Tuesday, so I can begin work on the Court slideshow we hope to have up by Friday... (Marilyn mistressmarilyn thought if I got a jump on it, I might have an easier time having it ready to go. Flash slideshows aren't that had to produce, but they require preparation for the images used in them...)

We did get to go to Starbucks for coffee, which was lovely. And shopping at the Super Wal-Mart over in Washington state, where we got the groceries we needed (like saltine crackers, cheese, butter and so on -- the food we live on isn't at all fancy).

Anyway, both Marilyn and I played computer games to relax. And later in the day I made us homemade nachos (we've been saving a lot not going out for Mexican food in recent months) while we watched the 1999 version of "The Haunting" in pieces on YouTube. (We did look for the movie while we were out, but all we could find was the original version...)

I YouTube to pieces -- I really do!

My eyes were freaking out on Friday from eye strain, I guess. Coding and graphics take a toll on them, I'm afraid -- and they get especially bad when I haven't had enough sleep. Anyway, they're much better today, which is a very good thing, considering I have a lot of coding and graphics slated for this coming week!

I didn't do much at all in the way of work this weekend, which was nice. But that means I'll have to put my nose to the grindstone all this coming week!

I finally cut back all our roses on Friday (!!!), after Marilyn told me that Charold said they MUST be done before this coming Tuesday. We knew it was slated to pour down rain all weekend, so just before dark I remembered the task and dashed outside to tackle it. I filled our (huge) yard recycling roller bin and still had a stack of branches left. But I'll have the yard guys haul those away for me when they come next. It's always painful to chop off all the new growth on the roses (!!!), but I managed it.

I'm reading the Best American Short Stories of 2008 (have I mentioned that before?) and am around half-way through the book. And I borrowed a novel from Angel and have started that, too. (I'm ALWAYS in the middle of at least five or six books at once -- not counting all the manuals I read...)

In personal health news...

The abscess I've had on and off since last November seems to suddenly be gone -- along with the pain it causes. What a happy surprise! (Especially considering I was just talking about it yesterday -- along with my dental woes.) It seems like a prayer answered, though I realize it can come back again. (It's probably the same issue as March 2008 -- and maybe goes back to October 2007. Hard to say for sure. Hey, if a dentist can't reason it out, how can I???)

It's almost weird to be out of pain, dental-wise. I've had it so long that I generally just take it for granted.

As for my yeast infection, it's better. Not entirely cleared up, yet, but much better. I imagine it should be gone sometime this week (fingers crossed).

I'm working from home tomorrow (Monday), and the office on Tuesday. I've got my hair appointment with Dorine on Tuesday, thankfully. I really need a cut! (And I hope to color on Wednesday.)

As I mentioned (sort of) earlier in this entry, I'm facing a very busy week. I'm so grateful we had such a quiet and relaxing weekend! (Even if it did mean skipping the Shamrock Run...)

We hope to head to bed early tonight, which is another good thing. (smile)
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