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Sunny Thursday - Candy Has Surgery, New Faucets and More...

Sister Sue's suzy_qp daughter, Candy, had surgery today. Happily it was day surgery and she's back home tonight... It looks like it went well, thank God. (Prayers have been answered.)

It was a beautiful, sunny day -- blue skies and warm enough to go outside without a jacket! How do I know?

Because I was out hunting for the missing Colin (Kitty) for ages!

The plumber (Clayton) was here early -- by 10:30. He worked around 2 hours, installing two new faucets. (One in my bathroom and one in the kitchen.) He also snaked the utility room sink and one toilet. The new faucets are lovely and work great!

I worked the entire time he was here (except to check in with him several times) -- part of the time on business phone calls, part of the time on the computer. The only 'break' I took was to make my new 'sunshine' icon. (smile)

Henry (Tudor Cat) was all over Clayton, lying in the hallway to watch him work for some time. But I didn't see Colin after first thing in the morning... (I figured he was hiding out because of a stranger being in the house.) Anyway, after the plumber left, I couldn't find Colin anywhere! So I began to hunt through the entire house. I also checked outside, because I was afraid he might have slipped out when Clayton was going in and out. I tore the house apart and there was no Colin. So I finally phoned Marilyn mistressmarilyn to tell her -- and in spite of her busy day, she came home to help look (knowing she had to be back for an important meeting in the afternoon). I also told June and Jim who both joined the outdoor hunt.

Happily, he was in the house -- somewhere in the utility room (I've no clue WHERE, as I tore it apart and searched with a powerful flashlight). Marilyn went in there and quietly called him (I'm sure I was frantic when I tried it) and he came out, wild as could be and clearly terrified. He soon went back in again, and didn't come out until later in the afternoon... Marilyn had a quick bite of lunch, then dashed back to work. And I continued to work on projects I needed to accomplish.

In other cat news, Saxon (who is Candy's cat -- and lives with sister Sue) was forced back into the house after being out since early yesterday! There's nothing GOOD about a house cat ending up outside. But at least at Sue's there's not the heavy traffic we often get here! Anyway, both cats are safe and sound, thankfully.

My health condition (mentioned yesterday) is somewhat improved, but still giving me discomfort. I was thinking about blowing off work tomorrow, but I doubt I will. I really want Ron to come in and work on those computers...

I need to work on the website, an eBulletin and an eNewsletter -- and all of those are better done here at home! So when I combine my work and my health, I long to stay in my home office. It's a hard decision...

I might just wait until morning and see how I feel then. Marilyn has an early meeting, so we need to be out of the house by 7:00 a.m. at the latest...

I'm beat (again) and need a nap. We had scrambled eggs and sausages for dinner, very yummy.

By the way, does anybody need to know anything interesting about Excel? I just keep learning new things -- and writing up 'How To' papers (with images) to share in the office. Anyone bugged by having emails and other links end up as actual links in your spreadsheets? I have the simple answer, which worked like a charm for me! And I finally updated my 'How To' on people submitting things for the festival website. I did it in Word and added a few images. It's very detailed and should prove helpful. (It also contains some STANDARDS that can potentially be applied to all documents...) And I worked on spreadsheets for computer work, computer inventory and as directories for our Clown Corps.

All in all, it was an extremely productive day (missing cat aside).

Nap time!

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