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Yeah, I had a meltdown at work today. I just got a little overwhelmed, I guess. But I wasn't the only person Marilyn mistressmarilyn had to talk down off the ledge today... (smile)

IT Projects?

Ron did a GREAT job and impressed the hell out of everyone -- including me. The badly crashed computer is up and running again (!!!) and he did maintenance on two other really slow computers, speeding them both up. (He used his own RAM at no charge to beef up Jana's computer, which was an older Dell, running Windows XP as the OS.) He had to take off in the afternoon for an emergency (and as I said, "Go do your PAID gig, dude!"), but plans to be back again tomorrow, which is awesome by me. He thinks he'd like to work a little bit in between his other jobs when he has free time, which I think is great. So I'm delighted by how this is working out. It means I don't need to try and do updates and maintenance, because he'll manage that for me!

Julianne's flatscreen went out yesterday, so I replaced it with the one Lilia's been using. This will be Lilia's last week in the office before heading back to manage the store (which has been closed), so that office won't have anyone on a regular basis anyway...

Jana and I visited and I discovered she's a huge Britney fan -- just like Marilyn and me. She's going to Las Vegas with friends (they'll be eight) during Spring Break in March. I started telling her all the places she needs to go. (smile) And of course I told her about our trip in April to Vegas to see Britney in concert. I really Jana!

I also had great interaction with Adam (I also him) about some of our cyber accounts, including Twitter. He's wearing his new earrings (stainless?) that are big enough to see through -- but not super-huge. I really like the look!

Speaking of cool looks, Natalie got her tat over the weekend. It's on her left forearm -- a tree with leaves and birds. Very cool!

Website stuff had me beside myself at one point, but I'm sure it's going to be great. We have cool ideas, anyway, so we'll see.

I'm now beat and ready for a nap. The last three days have worn me out, I have to admit. I must have been up and down stairs at work dozens of times today, easily. (I think a couple dozen before anybody else even came to the office. Marilyn had an early meeting, so she had to drop me at work on her way there...)

Even though I had the meltdown, all in all it was a very good day! (And my buddy Rich -- who has an office next door to Marilyn -- came over and gave me a hug in the afternoon. I'm sure he heard more than he could even stand to hear when I was venting to Marilyn. But he's always there for me.)

Jeff had a rough day, too, poor guy. And Kristen looks so tired. She was still at the office when the rest of us took off. And she has an early court selection in the morning... And it was great to have Ashley back from her funeral -- she's such a dear person. I think Angel was feeling better, too.

It's very busy now, and only likely to get more busy! But we're handing in there. I think the Team spirit really helps! I'm very, very lucky to work with such great people. (And I haven't begun to mention all of them in this entry...)

Well, nap time. I have a bunch of work to do tomorrow -- and sister Sue's suzy_qp cribbage thing to finish up...

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