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Busy? Naw. CRAZY? Yes!!! (heh)

I'm getting ready for our Writing Group, which is tonight. I need to pick up, do more dishes (I've done one load), vacuum, clean the bathroom and whatever else. (sigh)

I also need to COOK.

I've been dealing with various IT-Related issues all morning, too. It's even been funny, because I'd be on one call and have another beeping in (Call Waiting) at the same time! I kid you not.

And tomorrow? I can lift and move my own computers -- that's my job. We don't have anyone on Staff with the free time to help out, frankly. Yeah, I used to dream about having an IT Intern, but that's never going to happen. It's just not a priority. And why should it be when they've got me to do it? It would be crazy for the festival to drop a dime on an intern or anyone else (except Kent, of course), when they can get the work done for free by me. I totally get that!

(Boy, they'd better hope I don't get hit by a bus or something. They seriously don't have anything in the budget to cover replacing my services...)

I started to mildly rant about some other things, but decided not to. Whatever. I'll get things done or I won't. I try to be no drama, but obviously don't manage that well. I absolutely don't like putting my stuff on Marilyn mistressmarilyn, considering she has enough to worry about. I guess I rant to her because it makes ME feel better -- which isn't the nicest thing I can do... (sigh) I need to try harder to consider her first.

Thankfully Marilyn nixed doing the IT-related things I thought I needed to get ready for Staff Meeting tomorrow, so I'll push those off my schedule for today. That's a GOOD thing. (smile)

Anyway, I have lots of work to do, so I should get to it. And the time seems to be flying by! Typing in my blog is the last thing I should be doing.

In other news, we had SNOW again today! This weather is just crazy...

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