CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

'Naked' Meme Alert!

Remember, you were warned! LOL.

Which LJ friend is naked as we speak?
LJ Username
This is who is naked: mistressmarilyn
This is who is half-naked: beckyo
This is who should be naked: belial
Percent of your friends who want you naked: - 96%
This fun quiz by Nerfcake - Taken 32 Times.
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Okay, so the 'naked' response is right on the money!

No, Marilyn mistressmarilyn isn't 'naked as we speak' (she's downstairs napping as we speak, actually)...

But she's always been the 'lover of nudity' her entire life. When she was just a toddler ('baby') and went outside with me, she be dressed only in a diaper much of the time. I just remember that she'd always be out of the diaper right away. I'd be laughing and chasing her with her diaper in my hand...

By high school she had a steady guy who was at the house all the time. She had a tendency to run around the house in panties and a (very sheer) white tee (vee-neck).

Both she and I love to go and nude sunbathe at a local nude beach...

She is confident about her body and comfortable with nudity. We were raised in a house were as young children we saw our parents naked with no shame attached to it. (Thanks again, Mom and Dad! I'm so glad they were easy and relaxed about it...)

Now as for my 'half naked' and 'should be naked' friends, I can't speak to that! LOL. (Comments, Becky and Lial? LOL!)

Back to reading posts!

(Hey, Marilyn's not dressed in much right now! Tee and shorts. But it has been hot here. And she needs to wear what's comfortable after her recent surgery... Poor thing is still so swollen! Ah yes, I remember it well!)

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