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Done? Done! (Garbage Night... Gotta Love It!)

Where is Rosie the Robot when I need her? (grin)

Anyway, I finally finished up the garbage and recycling. I could barely wake and then drag my ass out to do it, in all honesty.

I had a lovely nap with my cats! Henry lying on one side, and Colin on the other. I was so claustrophobic, I thought I'd die -- but it's worth it.

Earlier today when I was actually trying to lie down for a few minutes (very few), I had Colin on my feet and Henry on my shoulder. Really cute! They're good boys.

Of course, right now Henry is pretty mad at me. He ran out into the garage while I was finishing up -- with the large door WIDE OPEN -- and I grabbed him roughly by the tail to get him inside again. He's not quite ready to forgive me, but I understand. It probably hurt him pretty bad. But he scared me! There are cars driving by (yes, even this late) and it's dark out, so I hardly want him to get out...

I'm sure we'll 'make up' soon. (I hope!)

Marilyn wrote a wonderful fanfic featuring Alfred Pennyworth/Lucius Fox that I adore! She's such an amazing writer...

As for the writing contest I entered, the 'clever' story has tons of votes -- the rest of us do not. (I have only 8 votes, but at least I dared to put my work out there -- so I'm proud of myself for doing it!)

Well, it's heading toward 3:00 a.m., so I guess I'd better head to bed... Work tomorrow, after all!

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